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Unique Gadget Portable Folding 4 To 5 Layer Tier Shoe Rack With Wardrobe Cover

Unique Gadget Portable Folding 4 To 5 Layer Tier Shoe Rack With Wardrobe Cover

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Product Description

Do your shoes lie around the house? Give your home a neater and more organised look by getting a shoe rack. There are different kinds of shoe racks available in the market. Shoe racks are an important utility item that every home needs. They store our shoes safely and keep them neat and clean for future use. Shoe racks also help in giving the house an organised look. You will find several houses where shoes lie around the door all the time. The house looks messy and unorganised when things lie around for no reason. This is one of the main reasons why every house needs a shoe rack. You will find shoe racks in different designs and models in the market. While some of them will have an open design, the others will have a closed design. The huge variety may confuse you about which one to pick. If you want to keep your shoes clean and neatly organised it is best that you choose a covered shoe rack. A covered shoe rack can help you keep your home look neat and organised. Also, a covered shoe rack will prevent accumulation of dust and dirt on your shoes. You will not have to polish your shoes again and again and dust them repeatedly. If you are planning to buy a shoe rack, here is a product that can store your shoes and keep them looking like new every day.

The Unique Gadget Portable Folding Shoe Rack is a smart product that every modern house needs. This product is made of high quality material that is resistant to everyday wear and tear and hence can protect your shoes for a longer time. This shoe rack has 4 to 5 racks that allows you extra space to store your shoes. It has a roll up cover which can tied at the top when you are using it. The rack has a fabric cover, which is made of high quality material that is durable and long lasting. This shoe rack comes in an attractive blue and white colour. This shoe rack is compact in size and hence can easily be used even in houses that have space crunch. Besides being compact in size, it is also lightweight that allows you to easily remove it or place it any location in the house. Furthermore, this product is fully foldable so that you can carry it easily around with you when you are travelling or moving into a new house. The front panel of this shoe rack is secured by two strong zippers that seal the contents of this securely inside and protect them from dust, dirt, bugs etc. if you want your shoes to last you longer and want to protect them from damaging elements, then get this attractive and highly functional shoe rack for yourself today!

About the Manufacturer

This product is brought to you by Unique Gadget, which specialises in high quality home utility items.

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Product Features

  • Foldable Shoe Rack
  • Attractive design with 4/5 layers
  • Fabric cover and fabric bases.
  • Size= 72X60X30Cm
  • Dual zip up doors.

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