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Unique M. S. Chrome Dumbbells

Unique M. S. Chrome Dumbbells

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Overview: Unique M. S. Chrome Dumbbells

Developing or maintaining a good physique is not easy and requires dedication. Body building is even more of a tough task. In addition to dedication you need the right instruments to achieve the kind of physique you want. If you are not satisfied with the dumbbells that you have, or if you are looking to upgrade your body building kit, then you should buy Unique M. S. Chrome Dumbbells online today. The dumbbells are available in different weights and the size of the dumbbells are such that they can be stored at home. By using these dumbbells daily or according to your exercise routine, you can be rest assured that you will achieve the physique that you have targeted. The high quality of the nickel chrome plating gives a shiny and lustrous look to the dumbbells. This makes them look like stylish exercise accessories usually found at professional gyms.

More about these Unique dumbbells

Unique has designed these dumbbells to be both your body building tools as well as a stylish accessories to flaunt. Each dumbbell has been plated with nickel chrome of high quality. It gives the dumbbells an appealing look and a smooth finish. The machining done on the dumbbells is quite impressive and the dumbbells have been knurled too. There are multiple dumbbells in the set provided by Unique. In total, there are 9 dumbbells included in the kit and each dumbbell is of a different weight. The smallest dumbbells are almost straight and look like rods. Their weight is obviously the least and that is why you will not find any knurls on the 2 dumbbells that are the smallest in size. As the dumbbells increase in weight, they have bigger and bigger knurls. The knurls are required to add weight to the tools. Without the knurls, the size of the dumbbells will have to be increased. However, increasing the size of the dumbbells may be inconvenient, especially when it comes to finding storage solutions. The lightest dumbbell weighs only 1 kg and the weight of the heaviest one is 25 kg. Irrespective of the weight of the dumbbells, Unique offers the same kind of finish to each tool.

Speciality of these dumbbells

The variety of weights that you get to exercise with is the most prominent speciality of these dumbbells. If you are beginner when it comes to body building, you can start with the 1 kg dumbbell. If you are regular with your exercise routine and have been lifting weights for a while, then the middle weight dumbbells will be beneficial for you. The dumbbell with the maximum weight, that is the one that weighs 25 kg, will cater to the need of serious amateurs and professional weight lifters and body builders. Therefore, irrespective of your body building experience, you will get the right tool for your preparation. This set is especially useful for beginners as they will not need to search for heavier dumbbells as they progress on their body building journey. The dumbbells are designed in such a way that you can store them in your home conveniently. You can keep them in a gym bag under your bed or in the corner of your room. If you have a home gym, these dumbbells will make an excellent addition. So why wait anymore? Shop online for Unique variable weight dumbbells today.

Maintenance and care

Taking care of these Unique dumbbells will not be a hassle for you. These are tools of body building and are very heavy, so they must be stored properly. If you have a weight rack, you can keep these dumbbells there. If not, then you can put them away in a gym bag. All you need to do is ensure that these dumbbells are kept in such a way that they do not drop to the floor. When you think that they are looking dirty, you can wash them with a gentle cleaning solution and a soft rag. After your regular workout and weight lifting session, wipe the dumbbells that you used with a dry, soft cloth.

Key Highlights

Nickel chrome plating

1 - 25 kg weights

Smooth finish

Knurled design

Easy to maintain

Features: Unique M. S. Chrome Dumbbells

  • Chrome Work :- High Quality Nickel Chrome Plating
  • Machining :-Super Finishing with Knurling
  • Variable Weight :- 1 to 25 Kgs

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