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JML V1439 Nicer Dicer Plus Vegetable Cutter

JML V1439 Nicer Dicer Plus Vegetable Cutter

Brand Nexgen
Model Number V1439
Colour Green
Material Plastic
Size Standard
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Overview: JML V1439 Nicer Dicer Plus Vegetable Cutter

How nice would it be if as a lady of the house you get a personal assistant for your chopping, cutting and grating needs? Imagine the immense time saving it will lead to when you employ the services of a comprehensive set of tools that helps you carry out the most monotonous job of cutting, grating, or chopping with amazing ease. To cut down your efforts and overall cooking time in the kitchen, Junglee presents this cute green Nicer Dicer. This Genius Nicer Dicer is a complete kitchen cooking assistant by itself. No need to spend long hours simple preparing their ingredients for your cooking. Chop away the vegetables, spices or fruits in quick minutes and make tastiest dishes much faster than before with help of the Genius Nicer Dicer Plus Multi Chopper Vegetable Cutter Fruit Slicer. Its colour too ads a dash of verve to an otherwise boring kitchen confines and brightens up your day.

Great features

Simply have a look at the number of attachment the machine comes with and you will be at a loss to mask your surprise with the sheer variety offered at such low prices. Along with the 1500 ml capacity, the nicer dicer allows the lady of the house to cut in 11 different ways! Be it wedging, cutting, grating, chopping dicing or slicing, your nicer dicer can competently carry out these activities with utmost ease. With such a huge variety of options available with this device, you need not have access to other utensils such as the chopping board, different types of knives or bowls. Its 5 different inserts will provide a whole range of cutting options that you can employ based on your cooking or serving needs. Be it finely chopped onions or thinly grated coconut paste or even dices of paneer, you can achieve all this pretty easily with help of the Genius Nicer Dicer.

It features a dual blade for easy and shapely dicing of bigger vegetables. Be it eighths, quarters or wedges for potato french fries, the Nicer Dicer can accomplish this efficiently. The entire device has 5 separate and distinct inserts with 11 different ways to cut. With the low food preparation time, you get to spend more time with your children, your family gets food on the table much earlier and you are now able to avoid any form of delays in preparing food, thanks to this useful little nicer dicer set.

Care instructions

Make sure that the blade is cleaned and remnant of food particles sticking to its edges is removed. This will help in the cutting process better and faster. You can put the blades under running water and then wipe it dry. Keep the blade and inserts away from reach of children. has this amazing product

With this product available at different sellers, leave it up to to show you the best prices from its trusted sellers. This way you can be assured of a great bargain when you shop online for the Genius Nicer Dicer Plus Multi Chopper Vegetable Cutter Fruit Slicer.

Features: JML V1439 Nicer Dicer Plus Vegetable Cutter

  • Works as Grater, Cutter, Peeler, Slicer, Chopper, Dicer, & Zester
  • Long-lasting Super-Sharp Stainless Steel Blades
  • Transparent receptacle (Capacity 1,500 ml)
  • Cling-lid containers for collecting the chopped items
  • Blade insert (6mm*6mm & 12mm*12mm)
  • Blade insert (6mm*36mm or 18mm*18mm)
  • Knife for quarters or eighths use
  • Plug cutter to stamp eighths
  • Partial coverage for all blade inserts
  • Helps to cut in 11 different ways
  • Planers use with blade guard
  • Package Contents: 5 different inserts, product holder with guide
Product Details
Manufacturer NexGen
Brand Nexgen
Model Number V1439
Colour Green
Material Plastic
Size Standard
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 1.2 kg
Product Dimensions 2.4 cm x 2.4 cm x 1.3 cm

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Overall Rating 3 out of 5 stars
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     Product is good but u have to think twice placing order 23 June, 2014 On
    this is great product for your Kitchen but using this at day to day basis makes it little bit tough , what they show on tv is that they only chop with larger blades , and they really dont grind cheese or anything till the end because its very difficult to do so till the end the blades are very sharp so be careful . but with this it can compete with all other products on the market if u need one go for it ...
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