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Auto Vacuum Cleaner Robot Microfiber Smart Robotic Mop Automatical Dust Cleaner 23cm - Black HHI-351001

Auto Vacuum Cleaner Robot Microfiber Smart Robotic Mop Automatical Dust Cleaner 23cm - Black HHI-351001

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Product Description

The cleaning convenience of the Auto vacuum cleaning robot

Are you among those who hate sweeping your house, but do it from compulsion? Fret not, as your solution is here. The Auto vacuum cleaner robot HHI-351001 model is here to save you from the daily hassles of cleaning your floor and carpet, including the hard-to-reach nooks and corners of your home. Large or small, this vacuum cleaner robot can clean dirt of every size, including dust, debris, broken hair, and much more. You are completely free from the cleaning process, as the robot operates on its own around the house and also automatically detects and cleans any dust or dirt. Compact and easy to operate, this auto vacuum cleaning robot saves you from the daily floor cleaning chore, enabling you to spend your time in more pleasurable activities.

Easy operation and capabilities

Depending on your cleaning requirement, the Auto vacuum cleaner robot operates in three modes- sweep, adsorb, and mop. This vacuum cleaner uses a furry cover to perform the cleaning. The furry cover is removable and is the only part that needs to be cleaned. This vacuum cleaner uses Microfiber cloth material with its high dust cleaning and wiping properties. This battery-operated vacuum cleaner has an operating runtime of 1 hour. This vacuum cleaner can clean dirt from the cramped spaces below your furniture, and all types of floors, including wooden, marble, and nylon flooring.

Dimensions and product specifications

The Auto vacuum cleaning robot weighs just 498 gms, thereby making it easy to carry around. Compact in size and featuring dimensions of 9 inches in diameter and 1.77 inches in width, this handy robot can be stored with ease in your home or office space. Lend the extra breath of cleanliness to your home with the powerful vacuum sucking capability of this automatic vacuum cleaner robot. Order online for the Auto vacuum cleaner robot HHI-351001 and it will be delivered at your registered address.

Product Features

  • Product Features:. Autonbsp;robotic vacuum cleaner
  • The robotic vacuum cleaner effectively picks up dirt, debris, pet hair and dust from carpets, wooden floors, marble floors and nylon flooring. The powerful vacuum sucks all that nasty accumulated dirt into the bin leaving your floors and carpets extra clean
  • Has automatic identification of dust on the ground, take a different cleaning line, improve cleaning efficiency. With 3 functions, including sweep, adsorb and mop
  • Ideal for cleaning the floor, corners and crannies. Efficiently picking up hair, dust and dirt in all those annoying nooks and crannies under furniture
  • The cleaner robot runs automatically around home to adsorb the dust and dirt with the furry cover. The furry cover could be removed to clean. Easy to clean, all you need to do is to clean the furry cover. Easy operation, can not affected by blockage
Product Details
Manufacturer HKASIA
Brand Tiny Deal
Model Number TDL37293

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