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Valentine Women's White Semi Long Slip

Valentine Women's White Semi Long Slip

Brand Valentine
Colour White
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Overview: Valentine Women's White Semi Long Slip

As a woman of substance you would agree that you need to have a long white slip in place in order to ensure that you look radiant in your preferred choice top. In addition to prevent obvious instances of wardrobe malfunction it also helps keep your top in good shape. Additionally it helps provide cool comfort from sweating in the blistering heat of the sun. The protective semi long white slip allows the modern woman of today with her head held high without any discomfort. It provides further shape protection function for ease of body movement and brings out the true beauty of your top.

The soft gathers and the slender u-neckline brings out the feminine svelteness of your dress to the hilt. Made entirely of cotton, the slip comes in very handy in case you live in humid areas and want adequate protection from body sweat. The cotton slip between your skin and dress ensures that there is no stain due to sweat on the top. Hence your clothes feel and look fresh longer in the day. In case your top is a wee bit transparent, you can still put it on when you have the semi long white slip to protect you from unwanted gaze. The slits at the side and sleeveless appearance allows for complete movement of hands and body and prevents any feeling of minor discomfort when carrying out any activity.

Style tip

Since this a semi long white slip, any top can be worn above it. Try out your plain kurti, t-shirt or kameez as per your dressing choice. Since this is a versatile piece of slip, you can easily put it on for a girl's night out or also when you are in the privacy of the bedroom. It will help your skin to breathe in rich oxygen while you get your much needed beauty sleep. Women with a bold outlook to life can also keep it on when lounging about the poolside for a free flowing feeling. The slip goes best with long tops and t-shirt and provides a comfortable cushioning effect for the modern woman, who is always on the move and has to balance work life responsibilities with equal ease.

Care instructions

The slip can be subjected to machine wash or hand wash. Do not dry clean in order to preserve the freshness of the soft cotton. Always use mild detergents to clean it vigorously and keep away from harsh effects of stronger chemicals or scrubbers. Do not soak it together with dark coloured clothes. Rather wash it separately with the white clothes. Dry it thoroughly before folding it to store in wardrobe. Iron at mild temperatures for best results.

Shop at the right place for the right product brings to you this exquisite little semi long white slip from Valentine in order to make you feel extremely comfortable at all times. Simply log in, select the white slip, make payment and check out. The entire process should not take more than 5-10 minutes. Online shopping has never been this fun or this simple.

Product Details
Brand Valentine
Colour White

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