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Vans Unisex Checker Black n White Slip On

Vans Unisex Checker Black n White Slip On

Brand Vans
Colour Black
Material Rubber
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Overview: Vans Black Shoes

Vans unisex black and white slip on is both simple and complex in its presentation. The design is simple, but the impression it has is a complex range of awe and attention. It is a usual analogy to describe life as a game of chess! Slip on a pair of Vans unisex black and white checkered shoes and be ready to face the complexities of life with ease. These classic velvet skateboarding shoes are soft to wear and are very durable.

Traditional black and white checkers

The design is the major plus point why anyone should choose this shoe. The charm of checkers relate very well with casual wear. Essentially a shoe for the young teenagers, it exudes a quiet yet sophisticated charm to the person who dons this on his attire

Get a grip on your footing

The waffle grip sole ensures you do not slip even on the most slippery roads! When you are a zesty traveller on the path of life, you need the right amount of confidence that your footing will hold. The Vans unisex checker black and white slip on does just that. It makes sure you can run up and down stairs, walk hurriedly on smooth marble floors, and can easily handle that puddle on the road without losing your balance.

The power of Vulcan

Vulcan is the Roman God of Fire and Metalworking. Vulcanization is the industrial process of strengthening the elasticity of natural rubber by adding sulphur or other relevant rubber curatives. The point is that Vans unisex black and white checkered shoes have a vulcanized outsole sporting the waffle grip. The shoe has a modern design though, not anything the ancient Romans wore probably!

The softness of velvet

Velvet is traditionally known as one of the most comfortable materials. It is smooth, soft, and has good breathing. Since your feet are the most hardworking members of the body, they do deserve as much secure comfort as you can provide. With help of this irresistible combination of vulcanisation and velvet, you will thank yourself after buying the Vans unisex black and white checkered shoes. Actually, your feet will thank your choice, that is! Post-purchase regret is very common when you find the product not up to your expectations. There is no chance of regretting with buying the Vans checkered shoes from the best online shop in India.

The shoe does not have checkers all over its body. That would have made it boring and monotonous. Instead, the boxes are in the frontal top position, neatly separated from the otherwise white body of the shoe. This imparts a very pleasant style sense that is cool and quaint at the same time. Maintaining the canvas shoe is also very easy and you can retain its white charm for a longer duration of its life with only occasional care with a mild detergent solution.

Your one-stop online shop for your new shoes

You can easily shop online in India from, one of the most reliable e-commerce store if you want to get your hands on this pair of relaxing shoes.

Product Details
Brand Vans
Colour Black
Material Rubber

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