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Vapon Liquid Adhesive No-Tape Bonding Agent 1/2 oz

Vapon Liquid Adhesive No-Tape Bonding Agent 1/2 oz

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Overview: Vapon Liquid Adhesive No-tape Bonding Agent 1/2 Oz

Suffering from a hair loss problem and can't do anything about it? Maybe hair extensions can be a better option. Choose your shade of hair extension, stick it on and you are all set for the next dinner date. With Vapon Liquid Adhesive No-Tape Bonding Agent, you can now secure the strand with ease.

A medically safe easy to use contact liquid adhesive makes life a lot simpler for you. Just apply on the extensions tape and stick it carefully to the portion you want to cover and you can flaunt your new hairstyle. Once you are done taping the extension you can be carefree about it for the next four to six months. The adhesive is also secure from water, heat and perspiration making it all the more simple to carry yourself around with confidence. Be sure that this adhesive will not leave you embarrassed at any moment considering its high quality and its ability to stick fast and last long at the same time.

If you are tired of trying to hide your bald head with a wig which does not stick to your scalp properly, this Vapon Liquid Adhesive No-Tape Bonding Agent can be of great help. You could use it on your scalp and then place the wig or you could use it on the tapped side of the wig and then stick it on to your head. Once fixed you do not have to worry about its falling out and creating embarrassing moments in front of your friends. This super adhesive is available at the most exciting prices only at Junglee. Save your car's fuel by shopping online and ordering for this amazing product with just a few clicks of your mouse. We understand that hair a very important part of a person's personality and hence provide you with a solution to flaunt it.

Product Details
Brand Vapon
Model Number 1/2 OZ
Item Package Quantity 1

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