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Varsha 7 Watt Plastic LED Bulb(Cool Day Light)
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Varsha 7 Watt Plastic LED Bulb(Cool Day Light)

Lowest online price: 129
Brand Varsha
Model Number LED Bulb 7 Watt - Set of 2 Bulbs
Material Plastic
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Product Description

Get this PVC 101 Lighting 2 piece 7 watt LED bulb B22 holder and be assured of a safe and durable performance by this exclusive bulb holder from Varsha. While furnishing your new apartment or office, you need to be very particular about the quality of the electrical appliances you are purchasing. Therefore, even if you are purchasing a good quality bulb, it won't give you optimum performance unless you install a high quality bulb holder. The performance and longevity of the bulb can be elevated only with the installation of a superior quality bulb holder. A bulb holder is the most important element in the mechanism of bulb light as the electricity passes via the holder. This bulb from Varsha comes along with the bulb holder. As the bulb holder is exclusively crafted for this particular bulb, you don't have to go hunting for a compatible bulb holder. This LED bulb with holder from Varsha is a product worth purchasing as it is made of premium quality material that can serve you with a brilliant performance over the years. Varsha, the manufacturing brand of this bulb holder, is a premium brand that manufactures and markets superior quality electrical appliances and accessories. All the appliances by this brand are made of high quality material so that they can provide outstanding performance for an extended period of time. This pack includes two bulbs with holder of the same model. So what are you waiting for? Place your order for this exclusive pack of PVC bulb holders online and furnish your house or office with it.

Design & Material: The PVC 101 Lighting 2 piece 7 watt LED bulb B22 holder is the ultimate solution of voltage fluctuation and other related problems that you might have experienced in a regular basis. This bulb has a dimension of 7.5x7.5x1.1cm. It has the classy shade of white. As the bulbs are made of superior quality PVC material, they are completely safe and durable for a longer period of time. The bulb holders have the shimmery silver shade. The matte effect in the white shade of the bulb and the polished effect in the silver bulb holders look quite elegant. The bulbs are crafted with pristine care so that they can deliver brighter light than the ordinary LED bulbs available in the market. The wire inside the bulb is of superior quality and thus resistant to heat or moisture. The bulb lens and filament are can pass the electricity in extreme high temperatures without cracking. Another great aspect of the design of these bulbs is that they are designed to save electricity, consume low electricity and yet deliver superior light.

Maintenance & Longevity: The Varsha 101 Lighting 2 piece 7 watt LED bulb B22 holder is a perfect product to opt for as these bulbs are quite easy to clean and maintain. You can easily install the bulbs with a little bit help from a technician. The installation is so simple that you can even install the bulbs on your own. Once you install the bulbs, they will provide superior performance and make your house or office look dazzling. To clean the bulbs, you can simply use a soft dry cotton cloth. You need to avoid cleaning the bulb with a damp cloth as that might lead to the damage of the bulbs. You also need to ensure that you do not touch the bulb when it is switched on. It is recommended by the manufacturers to keep the children away from direct contact with the bulb. If you take a little care to maintain all these factors, the bulbs will last for years without damage. Hence, go ahead and buy online this pack of LED bulbs today. The product will be shipped with utmost care so that it remains intact and protected from any injury during its delivery. Furthermore, you need not worry about the quality and the longevity of this product as that is already assured to you by the manufacturing brand.

Product Features

  • Each Bulb is tested before delivery
Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number B5W-B22-2P
Brand Varsha
Model Number LED Bulb 7 Watt - Set of 2 Bulbs
Colour Name Cool Day Light
Material Plastic
Wattage 7 Watts

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