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Vector X Fusion Football Shoes, Blue 6

Vector X Fusion Football Shoes, Blue 6

Brand Vector X
Colour Blue
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Overview: Vector X Blue Shoes

There was a time when most of us would play football bare foot. But the times have since changed and no footballer player who wants to earn fame can afford to play without proper football shoes. If you decide to play football bare foot, you may not be allowed to play in certain places and moreover, you could be badly hurting your feet. Hence, it makes total sense to buy proper football shoes and the Vector X Fusion football shoes make excellent choices.

These football shoes are designed like actual football shoes with studs at the bottom of the sole. The studs are made of fortified material that help you grip the turf when you are on the football ground. The studs are also not made of metals and this means your opponent will not be seriously injured when you make those tackles. The top portion of the Vector X Fusion football shoes is extremely stylish with a combination of white and blue. It can match with almost any football kit that you decide to wear. There is proper detailing done in the eyelets and the tongue so that these shoes look expensive without being so. The material is extremely soft and keeps your feet comfortable even when you play a full, 90-minute match.

The Vector X Fusion football shoes are also extremely lightweight and you will not need to compromise on your speed as you sprint with the football at your feet. You will not even feel that you are wearing shoes, this is the way the designing has been done. The price of these shoes is highly affordable and can easily fit within your budget. These shoes are available in size 6. With the Vector X Fusion football shoes, you will not only be able to play better football, but also show off your style in the field.

Product Details
Brand Vector X
Colour Blue

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