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Vector X Fusion Football Shoes, Red 10

Vector X Fusion Football Shoes, Red 10

Brand Vector X
Colour Red
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Overview: Vector X Red Shoes

Do you regularly play football and hence looking for a nice pair of football shoes that can keep your practice sessions pleasant? Here is a great pair of Vector X Fusion Football Shoes, Red 10 brought to you by Vector X, a trusted company that provides diverse accessories for sports.Ask the football players and the coaches and they will tell you the importance of shoes in a game of football. This specially designed pair of shoes is of paramount importance and has been designed with absolute perfection keeping in mind the aggressive game. If you want, you can also buy this trendy pair of football shoes online.

Material, Design and Comfort

The material used for manufacturing Fusion Football Shoes score high on quality. Moreover, the behavior of these sports shoes depends largely on their shapes and designs. The shape of this pair has been intended keeping in mind the surface on which the game is played. This pair of red football shoe will make you feel comfortable throughout the game without hurting your toes.


This pair of Vector X Fusion Football Shoes has been provided with outsoles that are durable and built for most firm natural surfaces. The studs on the outsoles provide traction on most pitches and are by far the most versatile ones. The part of the shoe that contacts the ball is made of durable and soft leather. It is light-weight and designed to provide durability. It has the power to retain moisture on the ground. The coatings and treatment provided on the upper part of this pair will create the desired amount of friction and control. You will be left a satisfied man on a well-struck ball. This will fit snugly in the heel and the toe and eventually improve both comfort and performance.

Care, Maintenance and Storage

The right pair of soccer cleats can make all the difference to your game. However, it is also important to look after them. When you are back from a game, it is necessary to keep your shoes ready for the next one. It is important to keep your shoes clean to improve its performance and life. The shoes come in contact with mud which can ruin the leather. It is recommended that you dry your shoes completely after every game. You can fill them with newspaper without over stuffing and place them in a cool and dry place. Make sure you do not keep them exposed to direct sunlight for long hours. In order to dry them quickly, you never dry it using high temperatures as it can cause the shoes to stiffen and age prematurely. Once the shoes are dry, it becomes easy to remove dirt. Remove the mud cakes with the help of a brush from the outer surface. You can also use a leather conditioner to keep the leather soft. Use a toothbrush to clean the depressions on the outsoles. For storage, keep them in a breathable shoe-bag. Make sure you do not use a plastic bag to wrap your football shoes. Plastic traps moisture and cause damage. Shop online for this smart and comfortable pair of football shoes today and get ready to win the match.

Product Details
Brand Vector X
Colour Red

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