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Vector X Athletix Shoes

Vector X Athletix Shoes

Brand Vector X
Colour Multi
Size 6
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Product Description

We all know that athletes always require the right kit to help them achieve optimum performance. When it comes to running or sprinting, getting the right running shoes are of utmost importance. A sprinter understands the essentiality of a pair of proper sprinting spikes, which would provide subtle traction and ideal agility and just the right balance so as to best assist them in their endeavour. The emphasis is always on the functionality, because the athlete needs the best he/she can get to lend a helping hand with their athletic activities. But with the market so crowded with products, it is quite often rather difficult to discern which merchandise would be perfect for your ventures as an athlete. Therefore Vector X has decided to address this concern as they have brought the model answer to all your sprinting necessities: the Vector X Athletix Yellow/Black Shoes. Crafted for the sole purpose of asserting to your running requirements, these shoes are a sprinter's dream.

Regarded as one of the top names when it comes to sports gear, Vector X continue to uphold their custom of producing top-of-the-range amenities with their newest arrivals, blending prime functionality with sublime comfort levels. These shoes are perfect for everyone from sprinters to long distance runners, and are most suited for grounds with natural turfs. The footwear is fabricated from A-grade quality material which provides supreme comfort to the feet and mesh with them smoothly, making them the perfect companion for any athletic activity. Not to mention the fact that they are super-light, so they do not weigh down the wearer, but rather gives the feel of not wearing anything because their ultra-light nature. The shoes incorporate top quality unique rubberized uppers, which results in ultimate flexibility and mobility, and a high gripping flat toed sole, which is ideal for runners, since much of the pressure applied while running is on the toes, so the effect is reduced because of the make. Besides that, these footwear features small and strong, durable spikes that are spaced proportionately so as to give superior traction and great optimized balance to help the runner stay on their feet. The material that the sole is made of is synthetic leather, thus giving it a long lasting lifespan and greater sturdiness. Taking all these factors into account, it can be safely assumed that these shoes from Vector X are your best bet when it comes to running.

Product Features

  • Colour : Yellow/Black.
  • Unique rubberized upper panel.
  • Offers good grip to run.
  • Right allocation between spaces.
  • Sole Material : Synthetic Leather
Product Details
Brand Vector X
Colour Name Yellow/Black
Colour Multi
Size 6
Item Package Quantity 1

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