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Veedee EP-B3502 Wireless 3.5mm Car Bluetooth Music Receiver With Stereo Output

Veedee EP-B3502 Wireless 3.5mm Car Bluetooth Music Receiver With Stereo Output

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Product Description

Car journeys have become one of the daily routines of the common man today. Whether it is travelling to office or going out for shopping, most of the present generation today has taken the route towards owning one's own car such that they can commute as per their own choice and necessity. People nowadays buy cars not from the luxury point of view as was the case a decade ago. Owning a car, whether small or big, has become essential for most of us especially the one's residing in developed and developing cities. As mode of commutation keeps getting complicated daily, one finds travelling via cars, the most comfortable. So, how about making your car journeys a bit more exciting and entertaining? The most common and sought after mode of entertainment definitely stands out to be listening to music. So, playing your favorite audio track while you drive through the busy congested traffic filled roads can calm down your tensed and irritated nerves to a great extent. So, it would be really nice if you would get a chance to play your favorite tracks directly from your phone, mp3 player or laptop. Wireless technology has overcome wired technology in all perspectives and it has been so even in the case when we talk about Bluetooth music receivers. You can install Veedee EP-B3502 wireless Bluetooth music receivers in your cars such that it can let you connect to your car's audio system wirelessly and you can play music from your personal sources.

Product Description

Veedee EP-B3502 wireless Bluetooth music receivers can connect you to your car's audio system within seconds and allows you to play your favorite track from your own music collection. Your Smartphone or laptop can be easily paired up with this device. It can easily scan and detect the available devices around it. This receiver has a functioning range of up to 10 meters altogether. On identifying all the possible devices that it can pair up with in the surrounding, it is just possible to accept the pairing with a single touch and connect button. It is a high performer and is capable of providing you with nonstop continuous music for as long as 8 hours. So, if you are out on a long drive, you can surely enjoy hundred of songs that will keep you entertained on your entire journey. It is capable of providing you with stereo quality audio output.

Product Features

This product is capable of working at a good transmission distance of around 10m and has a 3.5mm jack for the stereo input. In case you wish to use it say for more than 8 hours, then you can use a mini USB charger as well to charge it up on the go. It also possesses a sleep mode feature that allows you to save a lot of energy and doesn't let it keep on running when not in use. With these car Bluetooth audio receivers, it has made the life of all car users less complex when they intend to listen to music. Using wired cables would result in lot of confusion and messy wires all over. Detecting compatible devices around is also simple. All you need to do is just touch and hold on to the switch button, wait for few seconds and then it automatically searches for the nearby devices that can be paired up. If you own a Apple or an Android device, you will not be asked for a pairing code, else if you possess some other device, you may need to enter a matching four digit paring code in order to connect. This device is also provided with LED lights which glow to show when it has been connected, in use or is being charged.

Veedee EP-B3502 wireless Bluetooth music receivers provide high performance throughout. It is suitable for all forms of transportation, without any functionality difference between whether you own a small four wheeler or a luxury fashionable car. A must have for all car users. So, with this powerful entertainment device installed in your car, you can enjoy both your short as well as long distance drives.

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