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Vega Auto Off-Road Dull Black Helmet

Vega Auto Off-Road Dull Black Helmet

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Overview: Vega Auto Off-Road Dull Black Helmet

Vega has always been known to have a good collection of helmets with them. Apart from going along the lines of fashion, Vega has always taken care of safety from an important point of view. The kind of helmet shown above has some peaks attacked to it, which are nothing the extra hardware attached on the helmet to provide them with the nice design. That hood which has been attached at the top of the helmet can be easily detached and then helmet can be used.

It is a light weight helmet built with the superior quality of hardware to inflict the damage caused on it. The material quickly absorbs the impact caused to it and is really light for the wearer. Apart from this, it has multi stage inhale and exhaust vent and so you will not feel suffocated with this anymore. The helmet is dull black in color and has stylish screen which does not close your head inside the helmet but in case you want to then there is a separate transparent plastic shield attached above which can be scrolled down to close your head traditionally.

The interiors of the helmet are completely and whenever you want to remove the front shield then it totally detachable and needs no external tool to get out of the helmet. It also comes with a chin protecting strap which will help you to lock your helmet around your neck and saving your chin at the same time. The warranty on this device is of month and that too is available from the manufacturer point only. However, looking at the robustness of the helmet there will not be need of any warranty for this product, keeping in mind that all the controls of the features on this helmet are manual. If anything in missing then it should be reported within one month of its purchase.

The proper airflow channel which has been provided in the helmet will push the warm air and humidity out of the helmet. So, in winters when you close your helmet your visibility will not be obstructed with the fog on the glass in front of you. The helmet is ISI certified, hence even if you did not understand these features mentioned above here you can actually rely on this certification and blindly go ahead buy this device for sure. The best part about this helmet is the chin strap which takes care of the most prone accidental point on your face.

The helmet is quite stylish, especially the way it's looking glasses has been designed and the extra hoods which have been attached to reduce the space in front of your mouth. The price of this helmet is really nominal especially with the kind of features and ease it does offer to the driver. Make sure that you clean the interior regularly and you do not actually wait for the sweat to accumulate their and smell filthy. So, go ahead and buy this one and if you face any problem then you either visit the website of the manufacturer or you can reach to the shopping portal to get specified clarifications.

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