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Vega BA-3/8 Bath Sponge

Vega BA-3/8 Bath Sponge

Target Gender Female
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Overview: Vega Ba-3

Vega Bath Everyday Sponge BA-3/8

Bath sponge is a necessary tool which is used daily. It is a porous material which can absorb water and water based solutions. Bath sponges are flexible and can be used it with ease. It has a durable structure and standard composition. It can be repeatedly used because of its porous structure. The structure of bath sponges helps exfoliating of your skin very easy. If you are a regular bath sponge user, your skin will glow. The bath sponges have a huge demand in winters, because the number of dead cells in our body will be too high during winters. Vega Bath Everyday is one of the best bath sponges available in the market.

Good About Vega Bath Everyday Sponge

Vega Bath Everyday is a bathroom accessory used for cleaning your body on showers. This item assures you to be healthy and clean. Using this accessory helps to keep your skin glowing and neat. The most important feature of this product is that, it is soft on applying to skin. It never leaves any marks on your skin. Scrubbing your skin with this bath sponge removes all the dead skin tissues and increases the blood circulation of your body. But you should make sure that, you use this bath tool for 2-3 continuous weeks, if you wish to remove all dead skins from your body. Scrubbing removes body cellulite and eliminates toxins from your skin, keeping your skin healthy. Another important feature is that, this tool can be used by all skin types.

There are no limitations for using this bath tool. Anyone above 2 years age can easily use this tool. But you should make sure that, you should not use it hard on your skin. It will hurt your skin when you do so. Also dry brushing too hurts your skin.

The price of this bath sponge is very much low. Anyone can afford this bath tool. For this small price, this bath tool will always be helpful to you. Another good feature is that this tool is a travel friendly tool. This bath sponge can be carried to anywhere you go, even when you go abroad. The light weight bath tool can be easily transported and use it anywhere you want. This spongy bath tool is very easy to handle. You don't need to squeeze out the water after your bath. The bath tool can't hold water due to it's the simple porous structure. The porous or fibrous structure of sponge helps to remove the water by itself.

Book your Vega bath sponge from at the best prices. This website sells this bath sponge and it is having a huge demand among the users because of its high efficiency. Even though it is a low cost bath tool, a decent price reduction will be provided by this site, when you buy this item in combo packs.

It is highly recommended by health specialists to use bath sponges to keep your skin glowing, safe, and healthy. Vega bath sponge is the best you can get. Go online and get it!

Product Details
Manufacturer Vega
Brand Vega
Target Gender Female
Theme home,Beauty Tools,Bath

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  1.  Affordable luxury....Good quality and resonable price 17 September, 2013 On
    I have been using this bath sponge for a year now. Previously I was using one from another brand which was a bit expensive as I thought more the price better the quality. Though that one was good but the lasting quality was bad and didn't justify the high price. So, when I saw this affordable bath sponge range from a reputed brand like Vega I jumped in and bought four in different cute colors. Since then I haven't switched to any other brand.
    I love taking long baths and scrub like crazy. This sponge really survives that pressure and does not get spoil easily. Be it body wash, shower gel or soap it really lathers up well. The exfoliating power is also good not very strong but regular usage removes the dead skin quite efficiently.

    >>>> What's Good
    * Cost Effective. These bath sponges are very reasonably priced.
    * Quality is good. The sponge is very soft on the skin and doesn't scratch.
    * Lathers well. It works best with shower gels and body washes but lathers soap quite well too.
    * Mildly exfoliating. Not harsh on the skin and regular usage does wonders to the skin.
    * Cute colors. Its available is different colors like red, pink, blue and white. The colors add extra zing to it and are super fun. As a girl I love my pink and red sponges.

    >>>>What's Bad
    Nothing actually.

    >>>>Recommended or Not
    Well It's not the best but at this price it is a complete steal, a definite must have. If you like me are a bathing freak this product is for you. Indulge in long luxury filled baths with this bath sponge. After this product I am excited to try other Vega products as well.
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
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