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Vega Premium Eye Lash Curler
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Vega Premium Eye Lash Curler

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Overview: Vega Premium Eye Lash Curler

Ever thought how celebrities get such thick and long eye lashes? Well it is not because of some divine blessings or a beauty secret, the credit goes to false eyelashes. Eyelashes are an important part of your face. Not every one of us is blessed with thick and voluminous eye lashes but don't worry as false eyelashes are here as our saviour. The trend of false eyelashes is quite common in western countries but it is yet to catch up in India. False eye lashes augment the look of your eyes and make it appear wider and brighter. Apart from false eyelashes, you also get to curl your own eye lashes and boost its volume and thickness with this wonderful Vega Eye Lash Curler.

Eyelashes adds zeal to your eye make-up

Eye lashes highlights your eye make-up, without which your eyes look bland and incomplete. Many of us tend to use mascara in order to highlight the lashes, but regular use of mascara can make the lashes thin and brittle. Mascaras also contains chemical that can harm your eyes and lashes with daily use. It is best advisable to moisturise your eye lashes with some good quality oil or moisturiser and curl it with this Premium Eye Lash Curler from Vega. You can also fix false eye lashes on your eyes and curl it with this Vega Eye Lash Curler. False eye lashes saves you from the fear of using chemicals present in mascaras and completes your eye make-up in seconds. They are very easy to apply and remove, and comes with eye friendly adhesive. Thanks to the advancements in fashion industry, we now have innumerable types of false eyelashes to enhance your beauty. From glitter to stone work, plain to patterned, false eyelashes are available in all kinds and size. All that you need to do is fix them and curl them with this Vega Eye Lash Curler.

Plain eyelashes for daily use

For daily work and office use, you need not use any false eye lash; rather get yourself a natural moisturizer and use it as mascara while you curl your lashes.

Choose your eyelash according to your make-up

When you are going out for any party or function then you can opt for false eye lashes. You also get different sizes of eyelashes to suit your different look and make-up. Application of these lashes are very simple, they come with Lashtite Adhesive which sticks on your eyes smoothly. You just have to fix the strands or sections of eyelash according to your choice, with the help of a pair of tweezers. Once you fix your false eye lashes well, hold the curler in one hand firmly and curl the lashes upward.

Time for some glitter

If you want to add drama and glitz to your plain Jane look for late night parties and dinner dates then go for little more drama. Do smokey eyes and apply double coat of mascara to your eye lash. Curl the lashes after both the application, do the curling with utmost concentration as after two coats of mascara eye lashes tend to become hard. The Premium Eye Lash Curler from Vega gets your lashes curled in seconds and gives you long lasting and beautiful eyelashes.

How to use the Eye lash Curler

Eye lashes can change the entire look of your make up. If you are going for a no-make-up or natural look then just a tinge of mascara is enough to give details to your face. Using this Premium Eye Lash Curler from Vega is very simple and needs no special training, but the art of curling will definitely improve with passing days. The curler has very user-friendly mechanism and firm grip. It has two firm pads on both the handles which give you ample comfort to keep on holding the curler for long hours, if required. The easy fulcrum needs to be pressed each time you want to curl the eye lash. This Premium Eye Lash Curler from Vega is used only on the upper eye lashes. For the lower portion use the mascara brush, but if you are fixing false eye lashes then you can curl the lower eye lash as well. Place an online order at the earliest to enjoy all the attention coming your way. 

Features: Vega Premium Eye Lash Curler

  • Vega premium eyelash curler is adored by professional make up artists and even celebrities
  • This premium quality eyelash curler is easy to use and quickly gives your eyelashes a desired curl
  • It does a great job of curling your lashes and makes your eyes look wider and brighter
  • The plastic handle provides a secure grip during use
Product Details
Manufacturer Tri-Star Products Pvt. Ltd.
Brand Vega
Model Number EC-02
Target Gender Female
Item Package Quantity 1

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