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Vidal Sassoon Vs18301 Small Foam Rollers, 14 Count
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Vidal Sassoon Vs18301 Small Foam Rollers, 14 Count

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Overview: Vidal Sassoon Vs18301 Small Foam Rollers

The styling of a woman's hair speaks volumes about her personality. The way a woman dresses and the attention that she pays to the styling of her hair, goes a long way in determining her fashion sense. Women do the best they can to sport trendy hairstyles that would help them accentuate their beauty and fetch a number of compliments from onlookers. Since women have long hair, they have the benefit of being able to style their hair in various ways that are different from one another. This difference gives them the benefit of looking glamourous wherever they go. As a result they are always on the lookout to dress their hair beautifully and create a style statement. Women with straight hair love to feature curls and ringlets that look beautiful and voluminous. Keeping this in mind, hair curlers and rollers have been much in demand for a long time. They have the ability to curl your hair in a beautiful manner and give you a fashionable hairstyle. If you are on the lookout for hair rollers then this set of Vidal Sassoon Small Foam Rollers would be the best option for you. Buy online Vidal Sassoon Small Foam Rollers online and give yourself stylish hairstyles.

Product features:

Hair rollers are made of a strip of hook as well as loop fasteners which are wrapped around cylinders. They are used to curl the hair and form ringlets or waves as and how a woman desires. They are popular among fashion-conscious women who are always on the lookout to try out a new hairstyle and look their attractive best. These foam rollers by Vidal Sassoon are the best that you could opt for. They come in a set of 14 and have the ability to give you the best hairstyle. They create tight curls which are made possible by the use of the foam that is used to make the rollers. The construction of the rollers is comfortable and soft and would rest safely and comfortably on your hair for long hours. They help in the prevention of hair breakage and occurrence of split ends which may be caused by other rollers at times. The soft cushioning is the benefit that only foam rollers provide. These rollers will work wonders on any hair type and can be utilized either on wet hair or even dry hair. You can even wear these rollers overnight and not feel uncomfortable as the soft foam cushioning will rest comfortably on your head. These small rollers are perfect for achieving perfect curls and ringlets that would help you stand out in a crowd. Make this set of 14 hair rollers a part of your make-up routine for the upcoming wedding and festive season and look your glamourous best.

How to curl your hair:

It is necessary to know how to use rollers as the improper attachment would not give you good results. Follow these simple steps to achieve that perfect hairdo. The smaller the rollers, the tighter are the curls. This is the benefit that these rollers have. You should use a curling enhancing serum that would keep the rollers in place once you have applied them to your hair. The serum will keep the rollers in place. You should then partition your hair by using a tail comb which will divide your hair into neat sections and enhance the ease with which you can apply the rollers. The strand of your hair should not be wider than the rollers or they will not fit. You should then begin rolling each strand onto the roller. Roll the hair toward the back of your head and keep your hair tight and firm while doing so. After you have completed two rolls, tuck the loose ends in and then finish rolling the curl. Continue rolling the sides and do this on your entire hair until the entire volume of your hair has been pinned into the rollers. After this has been done, blow dry your hair with the rollers on in order to set your hair. Once this is done, remove the foam rollers gently. Do not brush your hair once you have removed the rollers as the curls will be destroyed. Let it stay like that for sometime and use your fingers lightly to set your hair by running them through your beautiful curls. Follow these simple steps and you can be sure to never go wrong while using hair rollers. The use of hair rollers are sure to give your hair a lovely bounce and attractive curls that would make you look very attractive and give your hair volume.

If you wish to sport voluminous curly hair then shop online for the Vidal Sassoon Small Foam Rollers give your hair a stylish makeover.

Features: Vidal Sassoon Vs18301 Small Foam Rollers

  • 14 small foam rollers for creating tight curls
  • The foam construction is soft and comfortable to sleep in and helps prevent breakage and splitting other types of rollers sometimes cause
  • Works will all hair types and can be used with either wet or dry sets
  • Size: small rollers
  • Package includes 14 small foam rollers
Product Details
Manufacturer Vidal Sassoon
Brand Vidal Sassoon
Model Number VS18301
Theme designated-beauty
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 12.7 cm x 15.2 cm x 1.9 cm

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