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Videocon DIGI NEMO 6KG Washing Machine-White

Videocon DIGI NEMO 6KG Washing Machine-White

Brand Videocon
Model Number DIGI NEMO 6KG
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Overview: Videocon DIGI NEMO 6KG Washing Machine-White

Videocon Washing Machine

The popular Videocon Digi Nemo washing machine is manufactured by the large diversified Indian company Videocon Industries limited. This company is renowned for designing and manufacturing various consumer electronics as well as home appliances at reasonable rates. Videocon, which was established in the year 1979 deals with the production of essential products like latest television, fully automatic washing machines, Smartphones and other mobile phones, air conditioners and refrigerators, microwave ovens and many other essential home appliances. Videocon Digi Nemo washing machine is one of the finest products from this company which is fully automatic and reliable.

Videocon Digi Nemo is a featured product from this prestigious company which excels in quality, compact and reliability. Having a capacity around 6kg, Digi Nemo is fully automatic system which portrays many unique features while compared to other washing machines.. The material used for manufacturing this product is quite impressive. The interior is made of stainless steel which prevents the product from rusting and the exterior is made of high quality PCM metal body. Digi Nemo washing machine prefers top loading technique in which you can easily dispose close into it. The 6 kg capacity is more than enough for you to wash your things regularly and it has 6 wash programs with soak.

The two water inlets provides you a choice of hot or cold cater and you can choose according to the material of clothes prefer to wash. Washing types can be categorized into Normal, Heavy Duty, Blanket, Custom and Delicate. You can choose the setting according to the material of the clothes you prefer to wash and hence minimizing the damages to great extent. The top cover is made of transparent material and enables you to check the status of washing.

Digi Nemo delivers special features like Do-it yourself program, Auto Error Detection, and digital display. The Auto power on and off reduces your effort by automatically starting its operation once it is loaded and the clothes are perfectly washed and then dried with the help of an in-built drier. There are four water levels which can be opted according to the amount of clothes you choose for washing. The digital display reminds you of the status of the entire process and also indicates the remaining time. Considering its features and product cost, it is a steal and it's worth your every penny! Videocon excels in delivering top class product with affordable rate while compared to other top branded washing machines.

Price and Warranty Details:

The Videocon Company warrants genuine Digi Nemo products a 1 year manufacturing warranty which includes the service of machine body and parts. You are advised to consult the Authorized service centres to avail this warranty options. You can prefer online shopping to get this product with astonishing discounted price.

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Features: Videocon DIGI NEMO 6KG Washing Machine-White

  • Capacity : 6 kg
  • Automatic
  • Top Loading
Product Details
Manufacturer Videocon
Brand Videocon
Model Number DIGI NEMO 6KG
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 56 cm x 58 cm x 93.5 cm

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Overall Rating 4 out of 5 stars
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  1.  Nice product 19 May, 2013 On
    This is my first experience with a fully automatic top load washing machine and I'm delighted with the performance.

    I purchased this with an external stand, still finding solutions to ensure the vibrations a minimum (hence 4 stars) but this one fits the budget and a perfect machine for a bachelor like me.

    No complaints what so ever.
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
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