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Vidya Steels Rbj Stainless Steel Plate Stand (Pipe) Mirror Finish
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Vidya Steels Rbj Stainless Steel Plate Stand (Pipe) Mirror Finish

Model Number platestnd
Colour Silver
Material Stainless Steel
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Product Description

Worried about your washed plates dripping water everywhere in the kitchen? Most women complain about wet kitchen slabs and floors because of dripping water. Maintaining hygiene in the kitchen is important as food is cooked there and it is extremely important to ensure that the food you prepare for your food is clean and healthy. These days there are different kinds of kitchen tools and accessories that can help you maintain hygiene in the kitchen. There are different kinds of stands are available in the market that can help you maintain the cleanliness of your kitchen. One of the easiest way in which you can prevent spillage in the kitchen due to wet plates is by using a plate stand. Plate stands are available in different designs and materials. The best choice for a plate stand would be the RBJ Stainless Steel Plate that will hold you plates in place and allow them to dry naturally without causing spillage on your kitchen floor.

The RBJ Stainless Steel Plate Stand is a unique product that every modern kitchen must have. If you are someone who is bothered about the spillage that wet plates cause, this product is the ultimate solution to your problem. This product will allow your plates to dry in the open easily, thus preventing the accumulation of water and unnecessary odour. It will drain your plates easily without causing spillage on your kitchen slab. All you need to do is wash your plates and keep them in the stand. The racks made in the stand will hold your plates in a slightly tilted position. This helps them dry easily and stay clean. The racks are wide enough to hold big plates. You can store full and quarter plates easily in this stand. The stand has separate racks for large and small plates. The body of this stand is made of high quality stainless steel which is resistant to rust and corrosion and hence this product will last you a long time. The body has been given mirror finish, which makes it look extremely attractive. In order to ensure that the stand stays in place and does not tilt over, its feet have been given plastic grips. You can easily store heavy plates in this stand without the fear of them tilting over and scattering all your plates. The product has an elegant design that makes it extremely attractive. You can easily add more style to your kitchen and give it an organised look by getting this product today.

About the Manufacturer

This product is brought to you by Vidya Steels, which is best known for its high quality steel products for the kitchen. Other products from Vidya Steels small and medium steel plate racks, multipurpose shelf racks, spoon sets, fork sets, steel masala pots with stands, stainless steel heavy gauge cutlery sets, steel casseroles, mirror finish cookware sets etc.

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Product Features

  • Fully Stainless Steel Body
  • Mirror Finish
  • High load bearing capacity
  • Elegant Design
  • All in one solution for draining & storing Plates
Product Details
Manufacturer RBJ Steel Private Limited
Model Number platestnd
Colour Silver
Material Stainless Steel

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