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Vikram Aur Betaal (Hindi) (26 Fantasy Stories)

Vikram Aur Betaal (Hindi) (26 Fantasy Stories)

Language Hindi
Format Video CD
Actor(s) Arun Govil, Sajjan, Mulraj Rajda
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Product Description

Vikram aur Betaal, is a collection of stories whose protagonists are - A royal, courageous and wise king VikramAaditya and the vampirish ghost Betaal. It is one of the oldest Indian classics and most looked upto collection, with teachings of moral and ethical values for children and also for people of varied age groups. It has grown to become a part of our literary and fiction culture, having lived in our minds for over a century. Many movies, television series, musicals, and dramas have been based on this legendary piece of fictional brilliance. Indulge yourselves in the entire story right from where it all began. This comprehensive collection of all the significant episodes will surely leave your senses satisfied.

Believed to have been written by Mahakavi Somdev Bhatt about 2500 years ago, this collection of twenty six stories in ten discs entertains as it teaches. The 26 stories that Betaal tells the King are followed by a question each, which aims at increasing the King's wisdom and knowledge, thereby also compelling the viewers to reflect on the themes and issues talked about. It is a pursuit of growing as an individual. The plot is set in a typical Indian context, based on Indian mythology and aims at capturing your attention via the supernatural element. It follows an unconventional pattern which will keep you on the edge of your seats right from the commencement till the very end of the journey. This has also been based on the various comics released under the same banner. And as everyone would know, reading and actually watching is a different playing field altogether. No offence to the reading aficionados, watching a television series brings forth a much more life like experience.

The Plot

In the beginning, the plot is set as King Vikram is paid a visit by a vagabond whose offerings to the King are later found to be pieces of Ruby, a precious gem. Upon knowing of this fact, the King is set upon having a meeting with the mysterious man who then calls him near a banyan tree. The vagabond asks King Vikram to bring to him the ghost which hanged upside down on a tree nearby. This ghost in question turns out to be Betaal, who is mischievous and playful and adds a tinge of comedy to the story. Betaal climbs on King Vikram's back and insists on having answers to his questions at end of each story from the near-legendary King, otherwise he refuses to go along. Funnily enough, Betaal flees back to his tree after every answer he receives and the King is left gaping after him, standing at the same point where he had started. So what is the life-saving scheme that King Vikram learns in these series? What is the thrilling twist in his final encounter with the vagabond? Watch and learn as you unravel the tales.

The Vikram aur Betaal stories were originally telecasted on television on D.D. National in 1988. In the genre of fantasy, this picturisation promises to captivate its viewers. Originally in Hindi, and produced by Ramanand Sagar, this collection is the work of Director Prem Sagar. The cast includes Arun Govil (As VikramAaditya), Sajjan (as Betaal), Arvind Trivedi (as the vagabond/ mendicant), Deepika Chikhalia and Vijay Arora (in various roles). Moserbaer India Ltd., leading global tech-manufacturing company and the world's largest manufacturer of quality Optical Storage Media like CDs and DVDs, brings out a high quality video CD for your entertainment. It was founded in New Delhi in the year 1983 as a Technical Recoding Unit in collaboration with a Switzerland company. Moserbaer, always endeavoring to deliver the best to its customers has kept up low costs and supreme products and has grown to have associations with global technology brands in the optical media segment across the world. The collection (of 26 episodes) is exclusively available at at a very reasonable price.

Product Details
Language Hindi
Publication Date January 1, 2006
Format Video CD
Genre Kids & Family
Censor Rating U (Universal)
Actor(s) Arun Govil, Sajjan, Mulraj Rajda
Director(s) Prem Sagar
No of Discs 10
Studio Moserbaer

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     Uniqely indian 19 December, 2013 On
    These collection of 26 stories are a proof of the fact that India can have amazing stories and we don't need to copy from the western culture

    throughout the stories you will glued to the screen

    At the end of each story the person is left wondering what will vikram say and what will betaal do

    This indian classic is a must watch for all
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