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Vinod Bowl without Cover 4.5"

Vinod Bowl without Cover 4.5"

Brand Vinod
Model Number 211
Size 4.5 Inch
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Overview: Vinod Bowl without Cover 4.5"

If you are simply tired of using ceramic bowls at home and are looking for some well-designed beautiful bowls for your kitchen, then you can check out the bowls and containers from the house of Vinod. Vinod brings you a number of utensils and containers made of stainless steel that you can use on an everyday basis. The all-purpose use, durable quality bowl is a must-have for every home. In many homes you will see they use ceramic bowls which are non-toxic in nature. This user-friendly bowl keeps food in the best condition even for long hours. You can use it regularly, it is light in weight and easily washable too. Serve cooked food in the stainless steel bowl from now on. It is stylish, hygienic and user friendly in nature. So, shop Vinod Steel Bowl 4.5 inches online from here.

Materials and Design of the Vinod Steel Bowl:

Vinod Steel Bowl is made of high quality steel which are non-corrosive and they do not chip like other china clay bowls. Steel bowls are definitely a better option over ceramic bowls when you have to use it on regular days. They are used in the same way as any other utensil. They are non-microwave friendly, but you can fill in with hot steaming food and serve without any trouble. This bowl is not transparent. You can use this bowl to serve solid, semi-solid or liquid food as well.  

The Steel Bowl from Vinod has been designed in an excellent way. It has high raised sides which prevents the food from spilling out. Glass and ceramic bowls always comes with a fatal flaw, that is, if they even slightly collide with another solid item then there are chances that it might chip or crack into pieces. The delicate pieces might even fall in your food or on the floor without you knowing about it. To avoid such circumstances it is always recommended to use this durable quality steel bowl. It can be easily washed with any dish washing bar and water after every use.

Vinod Bowl without Cover 4.5" has a wide mouth. You can easily use this bowl to mix or marinade meat and spices. You can easily toss the mixture quite well and get ready to prepare some awesome food preparations. The bowl is user friendly and does not intoxicate the food.

Stainless and Odour-proof Vinod Steel Bowl:

Vinod Steel Bowl 4.5 inches does not absorb odour from food. It does not get discoloured even after you use it for a long time. Various plastic bowls have the tendency to absorb odour and often turn discoloured due to the constant usage of turmeric, tomatoes and red chilli powder. So, this stainless steel bowl is a much better option than any other plastic or ceramic ware bowls.

Light in Weight and Easy to Maintain:

The bowl is easy to maintain. This is an ideal way to whisk small quantity of ingredients. You can mix the ingredients in it while preparing cakes and puddings. All you have to do is simply pour into the bowl all the ingredients and you can now whisk the mixture gently using a spatula or a spoon. The sides of the bowl are smooth and do not hurt the fingers at all. Thus, you can hold the bowl with one hand and mix with the other hand. While mixing ingredients in a ceramic bowl or glass bowl is often a difficult task, because it is made of other heavier materials.

This stainless steel bowl is refrigerator friendly and so you can easily place the leftover food in it. Cover the bowl with a lid and then keep it in the fridge to leave the food fresh for long hours.

Maintenance and Care:

Do not use the bowl for stove-tops purposes. Direct contact with heat might simply destroy the shine and may blacken the bottom surface of the bowl. If you need to warm the food item then simply empty it out into another dish or set this bowl on top of simmering water in order to heat the food. You can easily buy Vinod Steel Bowl 4.5 inches online from here.

Key Points:

Made of stainless steel

4 inches size

Food remain fresh for long hours

Non-toxic and highly user friendly

Easy to use

Easy to wash

Product Details
Brand Vinod
Model Number 211
Colour Name Na
Size 4.5 Inch

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