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Visiglo Small No Bark Collars

Visiglo Small No Bark Collars

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Product Description

Having pets sometimes comes with its package of difficulties. The biggest problem that dog owners face is incessant barking.

If dogs are trained, as early as when they were puppies, it becomes a lot easier for the owners and also their neighbors to co-exist. If you have tried all else and have failed, don't despair. Good news is it can be controlled using the Electronic No-Bark Dog Training Collar.

About the product

The VisiGlow Small no bark collar helps achieve this. It gets activated if your dog barks loudly and sounds a high pitched warning. If the dog continues to bark after 30 seconds, it gets louder and emits a couple more high pitched sounds and then gives it a vibrating jolt. This is so that the dog gets the message that this behavior is unacceptable and it stops barking almost immediately. It won't hurt the dog. Most dogs understand this rather quickly and within days stop barking. This is a training tool and can help train your dog to behave properly. The collars come in varied sizes, and this one is for small sized dogs or puppies between 8 and 25 lbs. The collar has the PFA's approval. This means it is safe for your pet and you can use it without any hesitation. It comes in a compact and neat packaging.

Many dog owners get complaints from their neighbors about the disturbance their dogs cause by barking loudly especially during the nights. Dogs bark when they want their owners' attention and some even out of a sense of possession. Entertaining guests becomes almost impossible and more so if the guests have a small child. Sometimes dogs run themselves hoarse by barking and numerous visits to the vet isn't of much help except for providing temporary solutions. You won't feel embarrassed in front of your guests anymore. You won't have to lock a barking dog in the smallest and farthest bathroom of your house.

You won't keep yourself and the neighborhood awake during nights. In a few days of using this collar, your obstinate dog will be transformed into a well behaved pet you are proud of. Your pet dog will be loved and appreciated by everybody who comes to your house and the want of attention will be long forgotten. You would have gotten your share of peace and quiet and a lovable new dog.

About the company

Visiglo manufactures innovative products for pets that help keep them safe and out of danger and at the same time are fashionable. They are used by professionals and recommended to pet owners as training equipment as well as for regular use. Products are checked for safety so you can be assured they are safe for your pets.

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  1.  this is torture for the Pets 5 December, 2013 On
    This "No bark" collar should be banned. Using it to stop the dog from barking tantamounts to cruelty and inflicting pain and agony to the pets. Please do not sell it. I hope you realise that there are strong laws which are against cruelty to animals. It would be very nice on your part as a seller to stop selling this product for the reasons specified.
    thank you.
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