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Vividia Waterproof Defender LED Flashlight Torch with Photo/Video/Audio Recordable Capability and 1.5" LCD Monitor
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Vividia Waterproof Defender LED Flashlight Torch with Photo/Video/Audio Recordable Capability and 1.5" LCD Monitor

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Overview: Vividia Waterproof Defender LED Flashlight Torch

Darkness provides a cloak for criminal activity. This is the reason why safety experts ask us to carry LED flashlight while travelling at night. LED flashlights can be a defensive kit. Since the crime rate has been increased in the recent past, security should be one among our primary concerns. Vividia manufactures excellent multipurpose LED flashlights. They provide flashlights which has got audio recorder, video recorder and camera with it. This device can be used for several uses, including defensive uses. This device has high power 3 LED lights with the functions of dim, medium, strong, flash, and SOS.


Vividia manufactures and sells a flashlight camcorder which serves multiple services. Basically, this is a tactical flashlight which can be used as a flashlight, video recorder, still camera and video camera with flashlight. This multipurpose product can be useful for you in different ways.


The camera which is inbuilt with this device can capture images as well as videos. The 5 MP camera may vary in accordance with the image resolution. It can take images at 3MP with a resolution of 2048x1536. The audio/video recorder feature in this device helps us to record audio and videos secretly. The saved audio and video files will be in the storage area. You play the videos saved in storage using the LCD screen. You can view the videos on your TV or computer by connecting this device to your TV or computer.

LCD Screen

This device has an LCD screen of1.5 inches length. This LCD screen can be used to play the videos and images stored in the device. The LCD screen can also be used to monitor while you capture images and videos.


This flashlight is waterproof with the help of IP67 body. This feature of this flashlight can be functional in various situations. People who generally use waterproof flashlights are firemen, policemen, scuba divers, rescue workers, boat repairmen, plumbers, utility workers, forestry workers and miners.


The captured audio, video and images are stored on the SD card of the device. This device comes with a 4 GB SD card and this device supports up to 32 GB SD cards. USB data cable can be used to connect the device with the computer to transfer the files. You can also charge the device with the USB cable.

In the package

The package includes Li-ion battery, USB cable, 4 GB SD card, user manual and warranty card. The warranty of this device from the brand is one year.


The dimensions of this device are 2.2x2.2x8.9. This device weighs about 486 grams.


Usually some flashlights may have less durability. But Vividia produces LED flashlights, which have hot incredible durability features. This flashlight from Vividia will lasts for long without any damage or complaint. The waterproof feature will protect it from damages caused by water.


This device is ideal for night investigations as you it serves the purposes of a torch, camera and audio/video recorder. You can also carry this device as a personal security device. This device is ideal for detectives, police, military, security and outdoor enthusiast. You can also keep this device in your home for security reasons.

You will have to depend on online shopping portals to purchase this flashlight. This device will be rarely found in offline stores across the country. It would be really tough to go out and search for this device at offline stores. There are plenty of online stores which sell this device. is one of the best websites which sell this device. Junglee provides this device at the lowest rates. In addition to this, they provide cash discounts and freebies like free shipping. You can place your order with a few clicks in this website. You can make your payment through your debit card or credit card. There are even options for cash on delivery on Junglee. Purchase this amazing product as soon as possible.

Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 22.6 cm x 5.6 cm x 5.6 cm

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