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Vivitar LC600 Focus Free 35mm Film Camera NIB With Book

Vivitar LC600 Focus Free 35mm Film Camera NIB With Book

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Overview: Vivitar LC600 Focus Free 35mm Film Camera NIB

A basic point and shoot camera are really simple to use and are most of the time automatic, however, the quality of these cameras vary. As not all cameras can offer clear, vivid and sharp images, there are some basic specifications in which you should pay attention before buying. If you are not aware of the features and functionalities of a basic point and shoot camera through a range of products available in the market then there are some buying guide that can help you.

Even the simplest and the most basic point and shoot camera offer a variety of features that can be difficult to understand sometime. There are some essential features that enhance the photography which you can consider while buying a point and shoot camera.

Size of the Sensor:

The most common belief of people is that the more pixels a camera has the better will be the images. However, it is not true because all cameras now feature enough megapixels but you should consider the number of pixels with the size of the sensor. It is the sensor's size that determines how much light is captured that result in the final image. These days, many point and shoot cameras have small sensors but if a camera offer large sensor then it will produce high-quality images. To understand these technical aspects you can also ask for a professional advice before buying a basic point and shoot camera.

Focal Length and Zoom:

For a casual photographer the focal length can be confusing as they are usually stated in millimeters that do not indicate the length of the lens because it represents the distance of the image travel from the lens to the image sensor or the film. As lens is the most important aspect of the camera a compact camera offer a range of 35mm to 150mm focal length. However, if you want to take landscape shots then you should go for a wide-angle ability of 24mm to 200mm or more so that you can capture a range of sports and wildlife action shots. Some other aspect of the lens is the aperture that ranges from lower f values such as f1.8 that works best in low light.


The most important factor when buying a camera is the ergonomics. As heavy cameras are not easy to handle therefore choose a camera that fits comfortably in your hand. This is why, while buying a camera you will get various sizes and options with a variety of features and brands available. At any online store you should take time to check each camera and the brand. Aim for a camera that is stylish and rugged so that it can handle minor accident also it must be water and shock proof. Moreover, buy a camera that can be handled with one hand and still use most of the controls.

Vivitar LC600 Focus Free 35mm Film Camera:

Vivitar is a leading manufacturer of digital and film cameras and offer other type of photographic products too. Throughout the profession of photography Vivitar cameras are widely used that offers excellent pictures and stills for newspapers, magazines and modern art. There are a variety of cameras to select if you are looking for simple, flexible and sporty cameras then look no further than the Vivitar.

Vivitar LC600 Focus Free 35mm Film Camera is an affordable device made from plastic. It is a basic point and shoot 35mm camera that comes with a hot metal shoe for attaching flash and a built-in lens cover. However, the Vivitar LC 600 does not come with a built-in flash and need no batteries to operate. An instruction paper is included with some brief instruction on the back door that also include a Lifetime Limited Warranty. Moreover, the camera is focus free that can take photos of objects from three feet away to infinity.

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Manufacturer Part Number B-322 -- 7682
Brand Black Market Antiques
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