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Vulkan Leather Diary Book Flip Cover Case Back For Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 T330/T331 8 INCH Black
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Vulkan Leather Diary Book Flip Cover Case Back For Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 T330/T331 8 INCH Black

Colour Black
Compatible Devices Samsaung Tab 4 8.0 T331
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Product Description

Seldom does a stylish looking leather cover come along such as this. Holding the Digital Solstice Leather Diary Book Flip Cover Case is comfortable in the hands. Thanks to the long lasting quality of the material, buying this product is like a one-time investment. The multi-functional product has an interesting stand feature. It lets users watch movies by getting the smartphone to stand vertically or horizontally, as the screen orientation desirable. The durable quality of the flip cover case protects the smartphone device completely. The tablet PC is surrounded with enhanced protection, excellent cushioning and optimum handling grips. Say bye bye to scratches and scrapes.

The dynamics of this leather case allows for multiple angled orientation of the tablet, be it at 30 degrees or 45 degrees. Even though the cover case offers all round, all encompassing protection, it does not deny the user from accessing all buttons, including the back camera and ports. The stylishly crafted flip cover case is sure to get heads rolling. Made from high fidelity leather, this product sports a dainty appearance courtesy its meticulous detailing. If the tablet is out of charge, the device can be put on charge through the charging port, which is easily accessible. Needless to say, every function can be achieved without the need to remove the cover.

The cut outs on the cover are ideally placed for this purpose. Whether it is increasing or decreasing the volume when watching multimedia content or movies, or plugging in the headphones to listen to songs; all of this is possible without any hassle. The flip cover case is like a permanent shield on the tablet, that still provides it full flexibility to remain fully functional. A grand invention indeed! When on travel, listen to songs, in fact tons of them! Just plug and play, place the tablet in the handbag, and hum to the tunes.

Capture moments with the camera or video without a moment's hesitation, or fussing over removing the cover. The velvety feel of the cover is addictive. The inner lip of the front lap is cushioned with a feather like matting. This type of material caresses the screen and renders the screen scratchless. The back cover is rigid and protects the tablet like a shell. Even if anything untoward happens, such as a fall, the tablet is insulated against this, thanks to the durable construct of the shell. Facilitating effortless viewing and handling, this diary book flip cover case is specifically made for Samsung Galaxy Tab.

It can be propped up in a jiffy for a video conference or a video call. Interact with anyone in the world on the go, and without worrying about exposing the tablet to harsh externalities. The stylish and versatile cover case is simply designed, yet sophisticated in appearance. It is resistant to accidental bumps, liquid spills, and falls. Prepare for joyous times in the company of a smart device in an even smarter leather case!

Use the adjustable angles of this product to read e-books comfortably. Prepare documents or presentations while on the move. When the case is closed, the auto sleep functionality locks the screen. When the case is open, the auto wake functionality speeds up the device's start time. Buy the DigitalSolstice Leather Diary Book Flip Cover Case Back For Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 T331 8 INCH Black and get a pack of benefits like no other!

Product Features

  • Very stylish look with leather cover. Feels very comfortable in hands.
  • Really Long Lasting.
  • Access to basic functions of your tablet.
  • Our product also features "stand feature" so that watching movies is very effortless.
  • Plug And Play
Product Details
Manufacturer Vulkan
Brand Vulkan
Model Number SAM Tab4 8.0 Lthr Blk
Colour Black
Technical Specification
Compatible Devices Samsaung Tab 4 8.0 T331

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