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WMU - 5MP Digital senior camera

WMU - 5MP Digital senior camera

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Overview: WMU - 5MP Digital senior camera

What makes photography, one of the most loved hobbies in the world? Without a second thought we would say, it is our craziness for clicking photos and posing for photos makes photography popular. Earlier, the cameras used were film-type cameras. Those cameras were having many limitations, as you can take only a limited number of photos using those cameras. In addition to this, the processing of images clicked using this film-type cameras are a long process. But the entry of digital cameras had revolutionized the photography industry. Clicking images is not a tough job anymore. You can take thousands of pictures using this camera without any hassle. The image processing hurdles in film type cameras are absent in digital cameras. Almost all major brands in the world manufacture different models of digital cameras with different features. WMU is one of the best brands in the world, which manufacture digital cameras with awesome features. The 5 megapixels digital senior camera is one of their outstanding cameras available in the market.

The Myth Of 5 Megapixel Camera

This camera from WMU has a 5 megapixel lens. This enables you to print the photos you took in larger sizes. You can take quality images with this camera. Apart from photography, you can also record high quality videos with this camera.

Digital Zoom

This camera has an 8* digital zoom with it. You don't have to change the focal length by changing the lens. The digital zoom enables you to concentrate an area of your subject, which you are interested. Once chosen, the inbuilt software will crop the rest of the photo and zoom the area you chose. The 8* zoom of this camera helps you to take longer shots with ease.

LCD Screen

This camera has a 2.4 inches length LCD screen. The major uses of this screen is live monitoring and playing the playback saved in the camera. The crystal clear clarity of this screen should be well appreciated. This screen will offer high resolution, greater contrast ratio and brightness. The LCD screen can also be used for menu navigation.


The compact size of this camera makes this camera easily portable. This camera is light weighted and small in size. You can tuck-in this camera in your jeans pocket and handbag. You can carry this WMU camera to wherever you go with ease. This is the reason why regular travellers carry this camera with them, during their tours.

Easiness To Use

One of the best features of this camera is its easiness to use. Even an amateur can use this camera easily. There are specially designed buttons in this camera which make photo and video capturing job on this camera easy. The menu of this camera is easy to follow. You can choose the options from the menu displayed on the LCD screen of the camera.


Connectivity is important as you have to transfer the images and videos captured to your computer for editing. You can transfer the images and videos using the USB data cable to your computer. This camera has small but powerful batteries to operate for enough length of time.


Storing the captured images and videos is very important. WMU provides you with options for mass storage modes. You can store the videos and images captured using this camera in the 16 GB internal storage area of the camera. You can expand the storage area by using external SD cards. You can add 8 GB memory card, externally to this camera.

There are different ways to purchase this stylish camera. You can visit the offline stores across the country for purchasing it. Online stores offer this camera at low prices. They offer you with plenty of cash discounts, freebies and gifts. You don't have to go out and collect the product, as they deliver the product to your doorstep. is the best website, which sells this camera.

Product Details
Brand WMU
Model Number 1166795
Item Package Quantity 1

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