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Wackys Collection Issues #1-3
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Wackys Collection Issues #1-3[Kindle Edition]

Language English
Contributor(s) Shawn Fenner
Binding Kindle Edition
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Overview: Wackys Collection Issues #1-3

Take a kooky trip to planet Wacky, a place full of crazy characters known as Wackys that are <br>completely wacky in the noggin. When the Wackys' most prized possession and the planet's primary <br>energy source mysteriously goes bonkers, all sorts of strange and ridiculous things begin to occur. <br>Now, it's up to five of the bravest, most incompetent Wackys to work together and devise a daring <br>yet silly plan to save the world. Will they uncover the mystery of the gem or end up getting flattened <br>by furniture from the clouds? <br> <br>This collection presents the grand debut of the Wackys comic book and includes the first three <br>issues! You'll get to meet Tommy, a mischievous little fellow that craves crackers, Flamin' Frog, an easily <br>irritated loud-mouth (fire breathing included), Googy Man, a muscle-bound hero resembling a large, blue <br>balloon (and is just as soft), Robotron, a cowardly robot that enjoys a good laugh and sniffing fresh potato <br>chips, and Rumble Bot, a not-too-bright rumblin' warrior with the strength to lift mountains! You'll also <br>encounter some evil Wackys characters and their minions who have bizarre plans of their own... <br> <br>Included is a Wackys Questions and Answers section. Find out more about the characters and see what <br>they have to say in these hilarious interviews!
Product Details
Language English
Publication Date December 16, 2013
Contributor(s) Shawn Fenner
Binding Kindle Edition
Edition 1
Page Count 56
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  1.  An original 13 January, 2014 On
    Fun & detail galore. Very, very original. The 'Wacky' characters are unlike any other comic characters; a unique, silly fantasy world.
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