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Wagner 0525029 EZ Tilt Power Painter Pro
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Wagner 0525029 EZ Tilt Power Painter Pro

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Product Description

As a DIY project or as a professional endeavour you might need a painting job done for a home, office or commercial workplace. Your tools are your trusted weapons to finish the project on time and assure great delivery of the painting job. What if you productivity increase by as much as 3x as compared to using the regular paint brush to do the job? Sounds interesting right? This is precisely why has brought to you the internationally acclaimed Wagner 0525029 EZ Tilt Power Painter Pro designed to make your painting job better, faster and cost effective. Now you can carry out the painting job of exterior, interior, home, office or huge wallscapes very easily with this Tilt Power Painter Pro. Finish you job by rendering a brilliant paint job effect that mesmerises the onlookers and delights the client.

Tough build

The hand held sprayer utilised the function of a high speed piston pump to do the spray painting job. It additionally uses the Optimus Dual Tip made out of tungsten carbide to spray out paint like a fan shape. This eventually helps to get the paint job done in a consistent manner, at faster speeds and without much wastage of the paint. The tilt effect allows you to spray the paint at any angle. The useful container can fill upto one quart of paint for faster work. The container can be easily twisted and locked and unlocked just like a typical cylindrical kitchen container.

The maroon coloured mouth of the spray can is designed in form of a fan pattern that sprays in a professional and helps minimise wastage and increases the uniformity of the paint applied on the wall overall. With a rubber based grip on the handle, you can be rest assured of the gadget staying firmly in your hand when carrying put the job without any hassle of slipping or falling from hands

Care guide

Wagner always strives to provide the best possible experience to its customers form its product. As such it lays down a few key points to help ensure that the paint spray doesn't spit paint instead of spraying it evenly on the wall. Firstly, thin the paint a little if you see the problem of paint being spitted out. Next, replace the atomizer valve with the spare one that ships with the product. Lastly, clean the maroon spray area after every paint job to prevent deposit of paint being formed. These points will help bring down unnecessary depletion of paint to a great deal and improve the RoI of your painting project.

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The Wagner 0525029 EZ Tilt Power Painter Pro takes less than 5 minutes to set up the paint and mix in the container of the machine. After the paint job is done it takes less than 10 minutes to clean up after you. That's the unique selling proposition offered by Wagner when supplying this product closer to you in India exclusively through

Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 4.3 kg
Product Dimensions 30.5 cm x 25.4 cm x 20.3 cm

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