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The All You Want To Know About Massage v2.0 Super Combo

The All You Want To Know About Massage v2.0 Super Combo

Format DVD
DVD Regions All regions
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Product Description

Learn all about massages with this pack of combo CDs of two instruction videos of �The All You Want To Know About Massage v2.0 Super Combo� in the DVD format. These videos impart great knowledge and understanding about massages and teaches you the ways to master the art. It also includes professional techniques and tips that are know only by the therapists. These videos with full-unabridged versions are filled with knowledge and expertise that can be gained in the subject of massage therapy ranging from step by step instructions of doing deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, as well as guidelines for the pressure point therapy. The videos have good narration that clearly gives you all the instructions on how to proceed.

These videos have been developed by gathering data from instructors who have mastered the art with years and years of experience and proficiency in it. The video reveal all the secrets about Professional Massage that you need to know. The videos stars an instructor who has over 20 years of experience in educating and training students to take state level exams for the certification in massaging. No matter if you are pursuing this DVD just for fun or buying it to learn something to create a serious career, you can buy this DVD and get all the basic knowledge that is necessary to know.

Now get ready to learn the art of healing people with this great device of video collection about massages. Irrespective which state or country you are appearing for your exams, the basic applicable principles of study remain the same so you can always use the knowledge to assist you in your certification exams. Get ready to learn what you always desired to learn and do it in the comfort of your house in reasonable price without spending a bomb of hundreds od rupees on some courses for months at length.

Product Details
Format DVD
DVD Regions All regions
Genre Exercise & Fitness
No of Discs 7
Runtime 479 minutes

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