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Just like your clothes and shoes, your watch needs to make sense with the rest of what you choose to wear. Buying a watch can be simple or time-consuming depending on your tastes and preferences. Find your watch style with the help of our watches buying guide.

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A watch has always been more than just a time-keeping device. It speaks about the personality of the wearer. It helps complete the look. Buy watches online by exploring the collection across Titan Watches, Fastrack Watches, Casio Watches, Fossil Watches and more.

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Watches Buying Guide: Learn more about the different types of watches

Designed for activity, these watches come with the ability to withstand vigorous exercise such as running and swimming. They are available in a wide range of colors and styles. Thanks to digital technology, sports watches double as GPS devices and heart rate monitors as well.


These computerized wristwatches offer functionalities beyond timekeeping. As a wearable device, a smartwatch can control your smartphone remotely, display notifications and even track various activities. For instance, you can use your voice to send a message or an email, check weather, get scores and much more. These watches come with fitness tracking or pedometer functionality as well.


You might shovel coal for a living, but you will have occasions that need you to look smart and call for a dress watch. Don't mistake them to be stodgy timepieces from the past. They are much more than that. More importantly, they are slim and feature a slim dial and a natural skin strap.


Smaller, colorful and equipped with an easy-to-read dial, these watches are ideal gifts for your child as s/he begins to develop a sense of time and numbers. Always ensure that you buy one with a material s/he is comfortable in and waterproof ones for durability.

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Watches are no longer tools that just keep time. They have also become a style statement of sorts. So, shop online and bring forth your fashion sense by investing in high-end watches from brands like Fossil, Omega, DKNY, Emporio Armani, and Tissot. When you buy watches online, you can choose from materials like ceramic, which is more contemporary, premium stainless steel, which is both modern and timeless, or leather, which is more sophisticated. On, you can also choose watches according to the price in India, to find one that suits your budget. The line of watches that are available on the Junglee online watch store features watches for men and watches for women. When you buy watches online, make sure you choose one that suits your lifestyle and the occasion that you intend to wear it to. For example, a sporty watch would look strange with a formal outfit. Though most watch brands incorporate the newest trends into the watches online, you should choose a watch that you like irrespective of what's in.

Compare, review and buy

Watches can be an expensive investment, so it’s always good to find out about all your options before you decide on one. At Junglee, you can use the pre-set price ranges to shop by price, and use the compare option to compare watch prices in India and find a brand that offers you a watch with all the features and style elements that you want at the lowest price. Use the customer reviews on Junglee to get unbiased opinions from people who are just like you on whether you should buy the watch or not, and always be on the lookout for the frequent deals and watch sales that we have running to save a little extra money!

Explore Women's Watches

The range of women's wristwatches that you can buy online is vast. For formal occasions and parties, you can choose women's watches like the Ladies' Crosswalk watch from DKNY with the elegant designer metal strap in a twist design and tonneau case shape and a mother of pearl dial face. You can also buy wristwatches for women that add a splash of colour to any look, like the Fastrack Neon Disc watches, the Beach Uprades white dial women’s watch with the purple strap, or the analog white dial women’s watch the bright red leather strap with stitch detailing. For more casual or everyday wear purposes, Junglee online has watches for women like the DKNY ladies' Chambers ceramic watch with a white ceramic strap and white dial, and stones set around the metal bezel or the ladies' Georgia range features high quality genuine leather strap watches for women with an elegant round dial, stainless steel case, and slender silver watch hands.

Shop for Men's watches

When you go watch shopping online, browse through the range of men's watches on's online watch store. There are multi-functional watches with a large face, round dial and three chronograph time displays, in colours like electric blue, smooth black, and grey. There are leather strap watches with large round dials and four chronograph time displays that employ both accurate quartz movement and automatic movement technology for accuracy. There are the two-toned stainless steel watches replete with a butterfly clasp, three chronograph displays, and metal numbers in contrasting colors. Leather strap watches for men are more rugged and manly. Choose from classics like a leather strap white dial men’s watch with a prominent knob and minimalistic watch face design, a black dial men’s watch with a dark brown leather strap and two-toned metal bezel, or a flashy Explorer men’s watch with a chunky round dial with number engraved into a metal bezel and black hour markers on the watch face.