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5 Watts Solar Panel Aluminum Frame - Polycrystalline Cells

5 Watts Solar Panel Aluminum Frame - Polycrystalline Cells

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Brand Liberty
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Product Description

Solar energy is being projected as the future energy source. There are several states in the country that have already adopted solar energy as an alternative source of energy and have put it to several useful applications. Solar energy is becoming extremely popular as it is easy to harness and can be used for a number of purposes. From recharging your mobile phone to cooking food, solar energy has found a number of applications. With the conventional sources of energy petering out slowly, it has become important for the world to look at alternate sources of energy. This has led to research, which has concluded that solar energy could cater to the energy demands of the world if harnessed in the right way. States such as Gujarat have set examples before the world, how solar energy is capable enough of handing the energy requirements of huge states and there is much potential in it. If you are looking for setting up a solar panel at home, check out this unique product from the brand Solar which can help you meet small energy demands and save electricity in a unique way.

The Solar Panel with Aluminium Frame is a unique product that can help you save a lot of electricity at home. This panel uses a maximum power of 5WP and the required voltage at maximum power is 8.5V. The current generated by the maximum power strip is 0.59A. The open circuit voltage is 10.7 V. The maximum system voltage is 800V. The aluminium frame makes this product lightweight in nature and hence you can easily install it anywhere without seeking help from a third person. This solar panel uses high quality multiple solar cells for electricity generation. They can be used as excellent supplements for small power supplies and trickle battery chargers. They can be used as battery chargers or for battery maintenance, electric gates, automatic feeders, fence chargers, telemetry etc. this unit does not come with a cord. You can use this solar panel to recharge batteries and is perfect for low power applications. However, do not use this panel to recharge your phone directly. You can purchase an external wire to recharge your mobile phones.

About the Manufacturer

This product is brought to you by Solar, which specialises in aluminium solar panels.

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Product Features

  • Maximum Power: Pmax 5WP
  • Voltage at Maximum Power: vmp 8.5V
  • Current at Maximum Power: imp 0.59A
  • Open Circuit Voltage: Voc 10.7V
  • Maximum System Voltage: 800V
Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number Solar 1
Brand Liberty
Item Package Quantity 1

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