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Wayona 7.2 mbps USB Data card, White

Wayona 7.2 mbps USB Data card, White

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Product Description

Get Internet on move with USB Data Card 7.2 mbps by Wayona

Internet has become an inseparable part of our lives. We cannot imagine our world without internet. We need internet at every hour of the day and we definitely miss it when we are travelling, or out on a holiday or just roaming somewhere in the city. But we will not miss our beloved internet anymore. USB Data card by Wayona will avail internet to us every time we need it.

About the Product

As discussed above internet has become one of the necessity in our life. Having a portable internet card can be a blessing for all those who have high use of internet. It is a very good technological development and has come up as a boon for many people. Wayona has launched an USB data card with 7.2 mbps speed. It is a highly developed data card with many features to keep you entertained. With Wayona USB data card you will never be deprived of internet connection and any of your important work will not have to wait till you get the connection. It will keep you connected with the world round the clock.

First thing you look in any internet providing device is its speed. A good speed internet gives lot of comfort and convenience in your work. You can easily download or upload the data and your work can be completed within no time. So the good news is that Wayona USB data card has got a very fast speed to offer. Its download speed is around 7.2 mbps and upload speed is around 5.76 mbps. So next time you want to make an urgent video call with your client while travelling you would not be irritated by buffering of slow internet connection. You will easily complete your work.

Another benefit of Wayona data card is its high compatibility. It is not restricted to a particular SIM card or network provider. It is compatible enough to work with any service provider available at the time of use. So you don't need to wait for a particular network to catch if you want to use internet. Just plug in the data card and start working with available network. Wayona USB data card is a sophisticated data card and have artificial intelligence of selecting the network automatically. It will auto select the network available and you will not have to waste your time in manually searching for the available network.

In a world laden with innovation, technology, electronics and tech gizmos, it takes a lot for a gadget [whether it is a much prized smratphone or an LED television or a portable speaker or a pair of headphones] to turn a few heads. The best you can do is buy something that fulfills your needs within your happy budget. So, if you're looking for something on the same lines, then acquiring this product becomes a no brainer! This particular name is a pioneer in the said domain, impressively coming out with new and improved products tailor made for personal use and otherwise. This isn't just an electronic appliance or a gadget, it might turn out to be your new best friend. Sounds great doesn't it?

You must be thinking that you can use the data card only if you are carrying your laptops with you. Wayona USB data card has a USB port which enables you to use the internet service on your laptops while you are travelling. Apart from that you can also use this data card for providing internet on your smart phones. So whether you have a laptop or an ipad or a mac book or just a smart phone, USB data card provides internet to all. You do not need to do any installation procedure to use this data card. It is as easy to use as it is to carry. You just need to plug in the data card and start working after connecting to the internet. Using internet on travel was never so easy before. Now you do not need to pay heavy internet bills of five star hotels and you can easily enjoy a movie while a long journey in train. It is available in classy white and vintage black colour.

So hurry and grab this data card only at brings this product to you at a very exclusive rate. It would only be logical to act fast and act now! Make sure you read all the necessary details including the terms and conditions, before bagging this product for good. Hope you had a happy shopping experience.

Product Features

  • Connectivity speed: GPRS: 85.6Kbps, HSDPA: 7.2Mbps, UMTS(3G): 384Kbps, EDGE: 237Kbps
  • Soft Wifi
  • Memory Support: microSD Card, 32 GB
  • Voice Call support
  • Plug and play. Auto Network detection.
Product Details
Brand Wayona
Model Number W319H
Colour White
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 1.4 cm x 0.2 cm x 0.9 cm

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Overall Rating 3.2 out of 5 stars
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