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Western Digital My Passport Portable Hard Drive

Western Digital My Passport Portable Hard Drive

Lowest online price: 9,390

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Product Details
Manufacturer Western Digital
Brand Western Digital
Item Package Quantity 1

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Overall Rating 4.2 out of 5 stars
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  1.  Consistent and Stable Performance 30 August, 2013 On
    To start with let me state the practical facts about this disk

    -> Though its a 1TB disk, u will have only around 945 GB to use. The remaining capacity is used for the partitions and internal allocations.

    -> Transfer speed will not go beyond 70MBPS when u r transferring larger files and will be around 50-70Mbps when u transfer batches of smaller files. Do not expect it to go to 300MBps or 400 mbps as said in few commercials and reviews. We all use only standard environments like a normal laptop or a desktop. Those speeds may be reached in a server intense environments(not sure). For a normal person, u can expect the speed to be atleast 3 times better than USB 2.0

    -> The cable that comes with this is only 1 feet in length. So, if you have a computer where the distance between port and ur table is more, please go buy a long USB 3.0 cable separately. Watch out the ports and get the correct cable. There are two different USB 3.0 cables available in the market.

    -> Colour of the disk doesnt make ANY difference. Really, its just the color. The feastures are all the same. So, if you are not colour specific, go for the cheapest one. I still dont understand why WD has to price it differently with different colours. I tested a blue WD and a Red and compared to my black. All showed same results.

    -> Please own the risk of data loss or data damage if you drop it down. This drive doesnt come with casings which are drop tested(like transcend) and the expected usage is to have it static and port it carefully while moving from one place to another. If you want to throw and catch hard disks, this is not the correct drive. If you still need that to happen, buy this drive and buy something called as "WD NOMAD" hard case. Once you put thsi in to NOMAD, it becomes shock,water and dust resistant. So no worries.

    -> WD provides decent warranty support but data recovery will always be a doubt if you end up in such situation. So, i wont say its very good to use this as a backup drive as there is a risk of you losing it or dropping it since its very small and portable. Sometimes an advantage like this can also become a dangerous disadvantage ;)
    If you like, buy a tile, attach it to this so that you will always have a track of your disk.

    -> As compared to other drives, this drive also heats up. So, when u r using it for longer durations, make sure that the disk is kept in an environment where there is significant airlfow. Dont subject the disk to extreme conditions. Also avoid removing the casing or altering the disk.(just in case)

    -> Dont expect the drive to perform well when u move physically while a transfer in progress. As adviced always, when u have a HDD spinning, you shud have it spinning over a static surface. Remember this is a HDD and not a pen drive or SSD. This has mechanical rotatable parts which will have adverse momentum effects when moved in use.

    I have owned multiple 1 TB portable drives but this so far stands away oustanding in
    1. Real portability - Small size - Fits in to pocket easily
    2. USB 3.0 - Decent speed
    3. Low power consumption

    Having said that, the drive lacks
    1. Sturdy casing - something like transcend where they give drop tested casings
    2. Heat control - something like in Adata where the metal casing absorbs a bit of heat
    3. Good Sofware for backup - The one which comes with the disk is good in terms of user interface but not great in terms of functionality. When it comes to incremental backup, i would rather prefer suites like Acronis or Ghost which is better than this. But for normal users, this backup software is good and provides easy visual representation of what is left on your disk.

    So, it all comes to what we really need to do with this disk. This is an awesome portable disk which enables you to carry data around, gives you flexibility to plug and play anywhere, also provides you capability to perform backups in a easier way. The very reason i did not give 5 Stars is that the quality of casing when it comes to handling shock. I would definitely expect WD to come up with drop tested casings similar to transcend which would be an added advantage, especially in cases of smaller disks like this.

    At last, it is definnitely worth for every penny you pay.Happy Buying :)
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  2.  One of the best choices as 1TB external drive 8 November, 2013 On
    This is one of the best drives you could ever choose while buying a 1TB external drive. Many of you guys may not need a drive as big as 1TB, but I must say that this is one of those drives which are worth investing on. It is reliable, small, very low power consuming and high speed USB3.0 powered drive which makes file transfer speed very fast if your PC or laptop have a USB3.0 drive. Price is very good and this drive is a first choice for many people. One should also note that it have semi glossy black finish, which makes it attractive little drive!
    My rating 5 out of 5.
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  3.  go for new wd elements instead of this 17 November, 2013 On
    if you want slim product go for new wd elements model instead of this. only advantage this model is having is you can have backup from wd software. finally if you don't need automatic backup and want small size go for new model wd elements
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  4. 3 of 4 people found this review helpful
     nice 8 May, 2013 On
    This is an awesome product i have seen at the offered price . The features are marvellous and i like this product. cool .
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  5.  Best product in catagouri 12 December, 2013 On
    WD has the best sales after service. The size of device and cord is perfect. Date Transfer is fast. Go for this product. Don't give second thought
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  6.  nice one 16 September, 2013 On
    Good looking, portable size, nice design finish, no.1 in world in terms of performance and security.
    Must have with every one.
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