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What I Did Not Learn at IIT

What I Did Not Learn at IIT

Product Specifications
Language English
Binding Paperback
Publisher Random House India
About the Book: What I Did Not Learn at IIT A short, interesting book on management mantras every engineer needs to succeed at the workplace Every year graduating engineers are told that they are destined for success. But what are the habits and behaviours that actually lead to success? In What I did not learn at IIT, Rajeev Agarwal, the Founder and CEO of MAQ Software, has distilled decades of life experience into one accessible and informative guide. In simple language, he explains the success techniques he applied and what worked for him. Encouraging graduates to look at their careers over a 40-year span, Rajeev explains that successful people choose to be passionate about every job they have. Using a skillful combination of personal stories and checklists, What I did not learn at IIT provides students-young and old-with a roadmap for success. About the Author: Rajeev Agarwal As the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of MAQ Software, Rajeev Agarwal focuses on adopting the lates ... See more
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