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Where the Stars Still Shine

Where the Stars Still Shine

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Language English
Contributor(s) Trish Doller
Binding Hardcover
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Overview: Where the Stars Still Shine

Callie does not know what a family means, how it feels like to be surrounded by your grandparents, brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts. She is unaware of the glue of affection, care, protection and trust that holds a family together. She does not know how wonderful it feels to fall asleep in grandma's lap, or to take a stroll holding the finger of grandpa. She is blind to the beauty of the world, deaf to the songs of birds. Callie does not know what life means. For years she has been on the run with her mother. She has had no home, no bed, no room. Her world is dark, darker than the black hole that is presumably deep enough to swallow the entire universe. Where the Stars Still Shine is the story of a little girl whose childhood has been stolen by her mother. This novel by Trish Doller is a wonderful read for readers of all age groups.

Trish Doller writes mainly for teens. She writes about love, trust, and betrayal. The angst, madness, passion, and recklessness of a teenager's life is wonderfully described in her novels. She is a simple storyteller. This simplicity is her strength, the beauty of her works. She describes even the most complex emotions effortlessly, writes about the most complicated issues easily. Many of her books are available for online purchase in India. Before you buy this book on the internet, take the assistance of to know which online retailer sells your chosen book at the most affordable price.

Callie, the protagonist of this novel, has been deprived of all the happiness of life. She cannot read, cannot write. How could she? She has never attended a school. She has no friends. She has never enjoyed any of the meals she has ever had. Sometimes she thinks it would have been better if she had never been born. She can't love her mother, for she is the woman who has killed her childhood, taken her away from her extended family, her father. Then one day her mother gets arrested. She is returned to her father. She cries like a baby. She cries like she has never cried. She cries her heart out, to let all the pain, agony, anxiety, depression and frustration out. Her father drives her back home, a little house stashed in a nook of Florida.

In that small house she starts life anew. Initially she is timid, queasy, afraid to open up, to explore, to step out, to meet people. But slowly she recovers. The little Callie opens her arms to embrace life. She welcomes the blessing of God, she absorbs the sweetness of life. And, for the first time in life, she becomes aware of love_a feeling she had been oblivious of, for so many years, so many springs. And she falls in love. Falls for a person who is not her type. Callie realises that she has grown up. She has grown old enough to love someone, and plan to spend the rest of her life with. This is her story, a tale of life that blossoms late, but blossoms fully and becomes complete. Published by Bloomsbury USA Childrens, this 352-page book has the ISBN 10 number 161963144X and ISBN 13 number 9781619631441.

Features: Where the Stars Still Shine

  • Bloomsbury USA Childrens
Product Details
Language English
Publication Date September 24, 2013
Publisher Bloomsbury USA Childrens
Contributor(s) Trish Doller
Binding Hardcover
Edition 1
Page Count 352
ISBN 10 161963144X
ISBN 13 9781619631441
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 454 grams
Product Dimensions 14.8 cm x 3.1 cm x 20.3 cm
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Overall Rating 3.2 out of 5 stars
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     A sweet read! 9 December, 2013 On
    Callie has spent her whole life living in a way that is not only undesirable, but has also damaged her in ways that she doesn’t even realise. As a young child, her mother kidnapped her, and since then they have been living on the run. Callie and her mother have never settled anywhere, Callie has never had a friend or been to school, her mother has gone from job to job and barely able to put food on the table or a roof over their head, and in an attempt to live a “normal life”, she has allowed her child to be hurt in ways that she cannot fathom.

    Where the Stars Still Shine begins with Callie and her mother in another dead-end situation, and ready to flee at a moments notice. It is upon their next “adventure” that Callie’s mother is pulled over for a routine issue, and her past comes back to bite her. Callie is then shipped off to another life – a life where she has a devoted father, and large loving family, a stable home and where she can live a normal life – in other words, a life that Callie has never dared imagined and has no understanding on how to live in. Callie struggles to understand the life that she has meant to have, the friends and family that she has not seen in over 10 years and she battles to both resent her mother for robbing her of this life and loving her mother as the only thing she has ever known.

    Callie’s feelings and reactions to situations is utterly realistic of a young person (well anyone really) having their life totally turned inside out. She struggles to comprehend how her mother could deprive her of the love of her father, but yet she cannot find herself hating her mother like most people around her do. She finds that having a best friend is much harder than she ever imagined. And she also finds herself falling for a guy who treats her better than any other boy she has ever met – and while she cannot believe that a guy would really be interested in her in the way he seems to be, she cannot help but wanting him to.

    Haunted by memories, Callie must learn to accept and to be accepted, which is where Callie’s real struggle lies. I loved the realism in both Callie’s reaction and feelings to her situation, as well as the actions of those around her who suddenly find themselves in a situation they never thought they would be in. I especially felt for Callie’s dad – he has always loved her and wanted her back, but she is far from the little girl he remembers her to be. He brilliantly manoeuvres his way through playing both the respectful and understanding father, but also actually being a father. He understands that Callie has been through a lot, and is willing to give her the room she needs to deal with her situation, but he also needs to be her father and to set down some ground rules. And while he must be aching inside just longing inside to have the loving daughter he has always dreamt about, he finds himself suddenly with a scared, independent teenage daughter – but he manages to both give her the distance and support she needs, as well as include her in his established family situation.

    Callie is certainly messed up – her life has been far from normal, and this has certainly affected her views on (and ability to have) normal relationships. Especially ones with boys. Callie and Alex’s relationship starts in very different way to most of those in YA books – it actually starts with a one-night stand. While this is not the traditional way to meet the “love interest”, I actually found this to be quite refreshing, and also endearing as Callie and Alex got to know each other (outside of the sheets).

    This contemporary book does contain mature themes and is filled with relatable emotions, conflicting feelings, real problems, big issues, interesting characters and true-to-life situations. And a real ending. Yes, a real ending – not something that is nicely wrapped up in a bow. While I didn’t need the full happy-ever-after, I would have liked just a tiny little bit more from the ending – but that would have taken away from the realness. The ending nicely compliments the tone of this book, leaving you with a sense of joy, sadness, unanswered questions, and hope.


    “There are so many maybes in life, but sometimes you just have to put your faith in possibility.”

    “All week I’ve wanted just three things: hot wings, cold beer, and you.”

    “Their family is perfect and happy, and I wonder if there is room in the picture for a seventeen-year-old girl. Do I want to be in that picture? Do I have a choice?”

    “How could my mom be so selfish? Taking the pills would have kept us here. Taking the pills would have kept her from hooking up with Frank. All she had to do was take the goddamn pills and her life, my life, would have been ordinary. Happy.”

    ”And here I thought I was your first mermaid.”
    “Goddess,” he says. “You are my first goddess.”
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