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Whirlpool ACE 70A 7 Kg Washing Machine-Red

Whirlpool ACE 70A 7 Kg Washing Machine-Red

Brand Whirlpool
Model Number ACE 70A
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Buying Guide for Washing Machines

Buying a washing machine is not an easy task. Many people end up buying a model that they instantly like, only to realize later that it does not serve their purpose well. A washing machine, if used properly, can last for as long as 15-20 years. So, it is important that you buy the one that suits your requirements, as well as the growing needs of your family. Here’s a step by step guide to help you buy the best washing machine.

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Overview: Whirlpool ACE 70A 7 Kg Washing Machine-Red

Whirlpool-ACE70A is a semi automatic washing machine and its capacity if 7 kg. The colour of this particular product is white in colour, with intricate detailing in deep red. Whirlpool has designed this washing machine aesthetically with rounded and smooth edges. If you would like to own this washing machine, it would be better for you to check washing machine prices from

Extendable spin lid and multi utility tray are handy

You can use the extendable spin lid of this Whirlpool washing machine to store various items like the detergent bottle and more. This lid has the capacity to take 1 kg load. The multi utility tray can be used to carry, sort and put clothes in the washer. You can load up to 30 kg of clothes on the tray.

Handwash Agitator washes clothes the way you do with hand

Handwash Agitator is a system that follows a process to wash garments in the same way as you do with your hands. It involves the 1-2-1-2 handwash movement. This ensures that your clothes come out impeccably clean and free of any dirt.

Custom wash programs for better wash quality

This Whirlpool washing machine has custom wash functions, which can take care of most of your requirements. You can have a control over the water level, the duration of a wash cycle, the amount of detergent, the temperature and so on. You can choose from a variety of wash programs - Delicate Wash, Normal Wash and Heavy Wash. Another important wash feature of this Whirlpool semi automatic washing machine is Dynamic Soak. This soaks garments in soapy water for 25 minutes, before the wash cycle starts. This improves the quality of wash.

Smart Handle and Big Wheels makes it easy to manage the machine

Smart handle along with big wheels lets you move around the machine with ease and without having to ask for help. Big wheels also act as support when you are moving the machine from its place.

Features: Whirlpool ACE 70A 7 Kg Washing Machine-Red

  • Capacity : 7 Kg
  • Type : Semi-Automatic Washing Machine
  • Top Loading
Product Details
Manufacturer Whirlpool
Brand Whirlpool
Model Number ACE 70A
Colour Name Coral red
Technical Specification
Power Source Corded-Electric

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