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Whirlpool 652SD Agitronic Fully Automatic Top Loader Washing Machine-6.5 Kg
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Whirlpool 652SD Agitronic Fully Automatic Top Loader Washing Machine-6.5 Kg

Brand Whirlpool
Model Number Agitronic 652sd(6.5 Kg)
Colour Frosted Grey
Capacity 6.5 Kilograms
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Product Description

Whirlpool Agitronic 652SD Fully-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine (6.5 Kg, Frosted Gray)

Product Description

If you are keen on getting your clothes washed properly without any fuss or so, then get properly washed clothes with the Whirlpool Agitronic 652SD Fully-automatic Top-loading Washing. This Agitronic was systematic giving the finest clothes rollover giving you amazing clean clothes. You are bale to choose the program for your clothes accordingly as you get many different options with this washing machine. The machine is powered with the 6th sense power wash that will automatically detect the load clothes condition and will determine if a robust Agitronic motion is neededa for cleaning.

This whirlpool washing machine also comes with the water recycle feature that saves a lot of water and gives you wrinkle free clothes. The machine also helps you to get better washed clothes with the extra added functions like extra rinse, low spin and aqua store. The machine also comprises the best characteristics like Buzzer, detergent dispenser, error indication, icon lighting, auto re-start and tinted transparent lid. The machine comes with a metal body so that it will be rust free. The cleaning of the machine is also easy as it comes with a steel drum and auto tub clean feature. So after washing the clothes you don't have to go through the bothering of proper cleaning and washing of machine, you just have to shift to the auto tub clean mode and enjoy your day.

This whirlpool, fully automatic washing machine is powered by all new 3D scrub technology forming a low carbon steel springs which changes an up and down motions allowing the scrubbing and unknotting of each cloth handing over the best, whitest wash ever. The machine also has a 6th sense hot wash technology that senses the stain and automatically heats the water gradually an also activates the detergent enzymes to remove the tough, hard stains from your clothes. The hot water wash eliminates dangerous bacteria from the clothes and protects your loved ones from any of the skin diseases to suffer. The washing machine comes in beautiful frosted gray color with rubber foot legs and wheels. The machine weighs 32 kg and comes with a 2 year warranty period.

Company information

Whirlpool is one of the leading manufacturers in the home appliance market. The company is famous and well-renowned American multinational manufacturer and marketer of home appliances headquartered in the United States. The company is best in manufacturing home appliances and have created many products that have left common people think over the brand again and again for purchasing. The qualities of the products are never compromised and thus, making the company name on top of the manufacturers in the production of home appliances.

In the current consumer world, where the 'Customer is always right', brands strive for achieving a high customer satisfaction number. Everyday, a multitude of brands enter the fray trying to pave their way into the consumer world. But there are some brands which can be blindly trusted upon, as they've been in the industry for far too long now, having substantially forged their niche on a universal scale. Reaching the top is one thing, but staying there is even harder. Hence, such juggernaut brands have forged an immense fan base thanks to their consistency of quality standards and maximum customer satisfaction. For such brands, even the name is enough to guarantee a successful product sale making your job as a shopaholic much easier. And one such name is Whirlpool.

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Product Features

  • Installation: Amazon will raise an installation/demo request on your behalf within 24 hours of delivery. In case you do not get a confirmation call from brand within this time, please reach out to us on our Toll Free Number: 1800-3000-9027
  • Fully-automatic top-loading washing machine; 6.5 kg capacity
  • 2 years warranty on the product
  • 18 wash programs; 5 water levels
  • 6th sense power wash, water re-use, dynamic soak and buzzer
  • Transparent spin window (tinted), detergent dispenser, auto re-start, extra rinse, handles and low spin(delicate spin)
  • Auto tub clean, digital display, speedy cycle, rat mesh, aqua store, child lock, error indication icon lighting, rubber foot and magic lint filter
  • Agitronic wash system, stainless steel drum basket and metal body type
  • Wash programs: Normal, speedy, heavy, delicate, stain wash, rinse plus spin and spin; Spin Speed: 740 RPM
Product Details
Manufacturer Whirlpool
Manufacturer Part Number Agitronic 652SD
Brand Whirlpool
Model Number Agitronic 652sd(6.5 Kg)
Colour Frosted Grey
Wattage 360 Watts
Capacity 6.5 Kilograms
Warranty 2 years warranty on the product
Technical Specification
Power Source Corded-Electric
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 56 cm x 54 cm x 100.5 cm

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