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Brand Whirlpool
Model Number SUPERWASH I-65S
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Whirlpool-Superwash I-65S is the ultimate solution to your dirty clothes. This semi-automatic washing machine from Whirlpool helps you get squeaky clean and fragrant clothes, without being tough on them.

The Whirlpool-Superwash I-65S supports two types of wash programmes for Normal and Heavy washing. This feature gives you the freedom to wash your clothes with utmost care. Use Normal option for everyday washing needs, and Heavy for clothes that need extra cleaning but gently.

Another feature is the Dynamic Soak, which allows you to soak clothes in detergent water for 25 minutes before the washing process begins. During the soaking time, the agitator gently loosens the tough dirt.

For environment conscious people, Whirlpool-Superwash I-65S is a good investment as with its Dmax Technology, about 15% of water is saved. This unique feature re-circulates the detergent foamy water evenly throughout the wash load, preventing any deposit at the bottom of the wash tub. Thus, lesser water is consumed to wash your clothes.

Being light in weight, the Whirlpool-Superwash I-65S can be transported easily to any location in your home.

With its unique spin cycle, the washing machine ensures that even the last bit of detergent is effectively removed from the clothes. Hence, the clothes stay soft in their texture, colours don't fade, and lesser amount of detergent is used.

Its Hi-fiber body helps to maintain its grand look for years.

You can shop online for the Whirlpool-Superwash I-65S.


  • Capacity : 6.5 kg
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Top Loading
Product Details
Manufacturer WHIRLPOOL
Brand Whirlpool
Model Number SUPERWASH I-65S
Colour Name Multicolour
Item Package Quantity 1

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