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White Floral Print Cotton Dress With Pleated Neck And Braided Belt
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White Floral Print Cotton Dress With Pleated Neck And Braided Belt

Material 100% Cotton, Cotton
Colour White
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Overview: White Floral Print Cotton Dress With Pleated Neck And Braided Belt

Miaminx has been making excellent designs that look great on just about everyone! These creations typically have floral prints and have a certain hint of summer about them. This, combined with the cheerful colours the apparel come in, make for excellent choices if you're thinking of stocking up on your summer wear.

Why cotton is a good idea

The White Floral Print Cotton Dress is made from high quality cotton. Going for cotton clothes has many advantages. For starters, it is an excellent sweat absorber and you can go about your activities throughout the day comfortably. Cotton is also a very light material, so you can be sure you will always feel at easy while wearing it. Besides, heat easily escapes through the pores of the material, and this reduces body heat effectively. Heat and moisture are two of the most important factors that encourage growth of microorganisms like fungi. This can be prevented if you choose to wear cotton clothes. Besides, cotton clothes are long lasting and don't tear easily.

Stylish and trendy

A common misconception exists that cotton clothes are not trendy, and don't come in the latest designs. This product breaks this myth, thanks to its impeccable sense of sophistication and style. The white fabric sets the perfect background for the red and blue floral patterns and the green leaves. Being mostly white in colour, this dress will reflect sunlight and heat, so that you are never too warm. If you're on a day out with your friends to the beach, this dress will be perfect! Team it up with a large hat and cool sunglasses, and you're sure to catch everyone's eyes at the beach, while being very comfortable. This dress has a certain girly quality about it that is sure to take you back to your childhood.

This White Floral Print Cotton Dress is not at all overly dressy, so you will always feel at ease while wearing it, wherever you go. That said, it does not in any way look drab either. The pleats near the neckline, for one, set this dress apart from others you are likely to see around you. This adds a touch of grace and charm to this otherwise simple dress. Another interesting feature that comes along with this dress is the braided belt. Again, the designers have put in a lot of effort to break the norm of the usual belts and opting for a corded one instead. This small touch will make it easy for you to wear brown shoes and hat, and ensure that they don't look out of place with the rest of your ensemble. The belt is made of high quality materials, and will prove to be sturdy and long lasting. You don't have to worry about the metal buckle giving out or breaking either.

The perfect design and cut

The dress stops right above the knees, so it is neither too short nor too long. This length is perfect when you look at the dress as a whole, and make considerations for the type of design and patterns on it. Similarly, the neckline is neither uptight nor too showy, which will let you wear this dress to multiple occasions and not look out of place in the least. This way, you don't have to wear the dress just once and store it for months waiting for the right occasion to wear it again. The half sleeves beautifully top off the picture of comfort and simplicity that this dress showcases.

Go for the White Floral Print Cotton Dress and make sure you wear it during your next vacation to the beachside. You'll see how it'll make waves during your holiday!

Product Details
Material 100% Cotton, Cotton
Colour White

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