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The White Tiger: Booker Prize Winner 2008

The White Tiger: Booker Prize Winner 2008

Product Specifications
Language English
Binding Paperback
Publisher Harpercollins
The White Tiger
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Overall Rating 4.1 out of 5 stars
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  1.  The book has got essence, message and entertainment 13 July, 2014 On
    I was little withdrawn to read this book as I thought this to be a just a waft of great luck that would have gotten the author a Booker Award. Having such thoughts I decided to read this book and this book unwound like a movie in front of me.
    I liked the narration style of the author , the style has got good mix of satire and sense of humor. Starting till end the author engages you completely.
    I am not sure if this has a universal appeal because the context of the book is pretty much tied to India, Indian culture,politics, social economic panorama.
    The author has been successful in depicting Indian social layers, the disparity in society , the divide of rich and poor and the very rich and the very poor is so apparent from his writing and he does portrays this difference very well.
    This book is emotional , dramatic, a thriller and a murder mystery.
    I loved the way the author has used certain idioms which I have never ever heard like "Dipping the Beak in to something", People from Darkness.
    The author is in fact hilarious at certain places and satire seems to be his forte. He has been able to bring forth a philosophical metaphor that drew my attention a not. The Rooster Coop concept I liked the most and why I liked because I agreed to it and its magnitude in Indian context, The author has been successful in judging and describing the psychology of a common man in India and specially coming from darkness in his worlds. The Rooster Coop concept is something like an Idea that would have sufficed him to be as the great observational being and great author.
    I like the dialogue when he says that "Japanese invented cell phone to destroy the balls and brains of the white people.
    The story is long and you will fell drawn to it and I have tried my best not to insinuate anything about the story that would have spoiled your reading. So go Read this.
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
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