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Wild Stone Deodorant, Red, 150ml

Wild Stone Deodorant, Red, 150ml

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Target Gender Female
Product Weight 150 grams
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Overview: Wild Stone Deodorant, Red, 150ml

A well groomed man should always smell nice. Research has conclusively proven that women's olfactory senses are quite powerful and that is why they are strongly attracted to men who smell nice. However, body odour can be a menace in tropical countries. It is quite a challenge to keep body odour at bay in a country like India. This Wild Stone Red Deodorant will put an end to all your woes. The strong fragrance ensures that you smell nice and fresh all day long, even hours after applying the deodorant. So buy this deodorant online and become the well groomed person that you always wanted to be.

This fragrance, for men, is now available online. Purchasing grooming products has become so much easier after the advent of the internet. Even body care items like perfumes, after shave lotions and hair gels can be bought online. This is especially convenient for men as most of them feel embarrassed to buy personal grooming products from shops. Thanks to the internet, they can now purchase grooming products with a certain degree of anonymity and save themselves from embarrassment. Making purchase over the internet is easy and hassle free. Gone are the days when you had to traverse the entire length and breadth of the marketplace in order to purchase a single product. Gone are those days when you had to squeeze into dingy lanes and get pushed by the crowds on your way to the market. These days all you need is an internet connection. Simply search the product online, browse through numerous catalogues available on the internet and order the product of your choice. The best part is that the product will be delivered to your home. So no more haggling, bargaining and participating in other nightmare activities that are associated with shopping.

Buy Wild Stone Red Deodorant online because it is a must have for any well groomed man. You may be exceptionally well dressed in a bespoke suit, but you will turn people off with bad body odour. It is always sensible to wear a good quality fragrance, especially in a country like India, where the hot and humid weather makes you sweat profusely. Apply this deodorant and it will work throughout the day. It is imperative that you smell nice even in the workplace otherwise people will find it extremely difficult to talk to you. Also, it makes a bad impression on others if a person stinks.

Once upon a time, deodorants were considered a luxury. It was enough if a person took a shower daily and maintained personal hygiene. However with the passing of time, deodorants have become a necessity. The fast pace of our lives, combined with the pollution have made it necessary that we take more intensive care of ourselves. Our lives are more hectic than before and our jobs more challenging. As a result of all the running around, we sweat profusely and it leads to bad body odour. A person might land in an extremely embarrassing position if somebody publicly criticises him for his body odour. That is the worst that can happen to a man. Therefore in order to avoid these potential embarrassing situations, one should always be careful of how one smells.

This Wild Stone deodorant has got a spicy and musky smell that is so suitable for the dapper gentleman. One of the biggest advantages of this particular deodorant is that you do not have to spray half a bottle every time. As a result, you tend to run out of the deodorant pretty quickly and are forced to buy another pack. A little touch of Wild Stone Red works like magic, as a result a single pack lasts for a long time. Additionally, it keeps body odour at bay for a significant amount of time. So even after a game of football or basketball, you walk out of the court smelling fresh as ever.

Key Features

Wild Stone brand

Red deodorant

Quantity: 150 ml

Features: Wild Stone Deodorant, Red, 150ml

  • Weight: 150 ml
  • Product weight: 150 ML
Product Details
Manufacturer MCNROE
Manufacturer Part Number 8904006304310
Brand Wild Stone
Model Number MWILD0013
Colour Name Multicolour
Target Gender Female
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 150 grams

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