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Wiley Acing the Gate - Mechanical Engineering

Wiley Acing the Gate - Mechanical Engineering

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Language English
Binding Paperback
Publisher Wiley
About the Book: Wiley Acing the Gate Mechanical Engineering The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) essentially examines the aptitude of an engineering graduate. It differs from other examinations as it calls for an aptitude based learning and approach on engineering topics. To qualify this exam, an aspirant should have perfect understanding on the fundamentals concepts, and requires ability to interpret the fundamental quantities and their relationships and apply them to problem solving. Content Part I Applied Mechanics and Design 1 Engineering Mechanics 1.1 Force 1.2 Moment of a Force 1.3 Equivalent System of a Force 1.4 Single Resultant Force 1.5 Equilibrium of Rigid Bodies 1.6 Structural Analysis 1.7 Rectilinear Kinematics 1.8 Angular Motion 1.9 Motion under Gravity 1.10 Dependent Motion of Particles 1.11 Newtons Laws of Motion 1.12 Work and Energy 1.13 DAlemberts Principle 1.14 Impulse and Momentum 1.15 Law of Restitution 1.16 Principle of Virtual Work 2 Strength of Mater ... See more
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     #Writetowin Best book in a Nutshell for Mechanical GATE aspirants 11 June, 2015 On
    # Writetowin

    Best book for Mechanical Engineers for GATE/ IES preparation in a nutshell. The book covers each and every topic for Mechanical GATE syllabus in a detailed manner. By the word nutshell I don't mean that it only covers the theory part providing definitions but as a whole syllabus with quick time saving tips, formulas and guidances. At the eleventh hour its the best book for getting a rough idea of overall Exam. Moreover, objective type questions and problems are provided at the end of each chapter for practice with solutions. Moreover the authors also provided a good number of examples solved in every chapter. Thanks to the author and Wiley India for publishing such a good book.

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