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Windows 7 Professional SP1 32bit (Full) System Builder OEM DVD 1 Pack [Old Version]

Windows 7 Professional SP1 32bit (Full) System Builder OEM DVD 1 Pack [Old Version]

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Product Description

Microsoft WIN 7 PRO 32 Bit is a great operating system that supports both old and latest software and comes with everything that you can possibly need when it comes to your home or work PC. One of the most important benefits of installing this operating system is that it will simplify some basic PC tasks that you need to do on a daily basis. For instance, with this operating system, you can search a file or document on your computer faster, find something on the internet quicker, make side by side comparisons of documents, and take a back up of your whole system over a network.

More about the Product

With Windows 7 Professional 32 Bit OS you can enjoy working on a personal computer or laptop that functions the way you would want it to and that supports 32-bit technologies. This operating system offers XP mode, which was designed keeping the small and medium businesses in mind, to run older applications that are necessary for your business. Windows 7 system also enables the user to watch live Internet TV as well as rewind, pause and record TV. Furthermore, with this operating system, you can use the new Touch feature that will enable you to interact with your laptop or personal computer in new ways. This operating system is designed to support up to 32 processor cores.

Product Features

Supports XP mode for accessing old productivity and business applications

Resolves IT issues faster with advanced troubleshooters and diagnostics, saving both time and money

Ability to connect multiple personal computers using Domain Join, thus providing a secure company network

Takes automatic back up of files for protection against hardware failure or user error

Enables file sharing between various computers or laptops in your home using HomeGroup

Easy interaction with other compatible devices that are connected to the PC

The Location Aware Printing feature helps in identifying the right printer when moving between different locations

Easy search feature that offers an organized list of results on typing a file name

Requirements for Installing Windows Microsoft WIN 7 PRO 32 Bit

If you wish to run this operating system in your laptop or PC, you need to make sure that you have the following:

Processor of 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with 32-bit (x86)

1 gigabyte (GB) RAM

Available hard disk space of 16 GB

DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver

Additional Requirements

In addition to the above, some other requirements also need to be met if you want to use certain features of Microsoft WIN 7 PRO 32 Bit. These include high speed internet access. You may need to pay a fee for the same. You will also require additional memory and advanced graphics hardware to improve resolution and video playback. Invest in a graphics card that is compatible with DirectX 10 to optimise the performance of some games and programs. Get a TV tuner and additional hardware for optimal performance of Windows Media Center function.

You will need to install a specific hardware if you want to run Microsoft WIN 7 PRO 32 Bit on Windows Touch or Tablet PC. You will also require a compatible optical drive for CD/DVD authoring. In order to use the BitLocker feature, you will need a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 1.2 whereas a USB flash drive is required for using BitLocker to Go. In order to work on Windows XP Mode, you need additional hard disk space of 15 GB and an additional RAM of 1 GB. The HomeGroup feature of this operating system requires a separate network. Finally, an audio output is required for sound and music.

Shop Microsoft WIN 7 PRO 32 Bit online and you can get the same at a great price. However, before you buy Microsoft WIN 7 PRO 32 Bit online, make sure that you have run Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor on your computer to ensure that your PC can run this operating system.

Product Features

  • Make the things you do every day easier with improved desktop navigation.
  • Make your web experience faster, easier and safer than ever with Internet Explorer 8.
  • Run many Windows XP productivity programs in Windows XP Mode.
  • Connect to company networks easily and more securely with Domain Join.
  • Easily create a home network and connect your PCs to a printer with HomeGroup.
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 136.1 grams
Product Dimensions 20.3 cm x 17.8 cm x 2.5 cm

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