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I Ball Wintop USB V2.0(USB Keyboard + USB Mouse)

I Ball Wintop USB V2.0(USB Keyboard + USB Mouse)

Lowest online price: 799
  • Bluetooth speaker with mic and voice prompt alerts
  • Use as wired speaker with aux input
  • Frequency Response: 200Hz to 18kHz

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Product Description

A desktop computer is actually an assembly of a number of various technical devices such as a monitor, a processing unit and peripherals. If you want input devices for your computer that can be used with ease, then USB based keyboards and mice are the best choice for you. Do you want to work without the limitations posed by the regular keyboards and mice? If your answer to the above question is 'yes', then you should buy iBall Wintop USB V2.0 keyboard and mouse set online without delay. The keyboard has sensitive keys while the mouse has soft buttons and a smooth scroll. Since the product is available online, you do not have to waste time hopping from one shop to another. After you place the order for thekeyboard and mouse setonline, the product will be delivered within a few days.

Features and Functions of the iBall USB Keyboard and USB Mouse Set

The keyboard and the mouse are the most important input devices in case of computers. Without either the keyboard or the mouse, there are few other means by which you can give instructions to your computer. This set of an iBall USB keyboard and a USB mousewill allow you to command your computer with efficiency. You will be able to input exactly what you want to. There will be no mistakes due to the lack of a keyboard or a mouse. The keys of the keyboard should be sensitive so that the device can accept the commands with just a slight touch of your finger. This USB keyboard by iBall has sensitive keys. In addition to that, the keys are fixed well so that they do not pop out if any one types really fast or exerts slightly greater pressure than usual. The buttons and the scroll of the mouse are smooth too. The problem that many users often face is that the buttons of the mouse remain pressed and accept clicks even when you do not want to click on something. When you use this USB mouse byiBall and connect it to your computer, you can be sure that you will not have to face any such hassles. Another issue that you may face when using an ordinary mouse is related to the scrolling capacity of the mouse. This mouse is a high-quality one and you will not face any scrolling problems while using it. In short, this USB keyboard and USB mouse set, brought to you by iBall, will not only function properly but also assure you of a high degree of accuracy.

Speciality and Benefits of the iBall USB Keyboard and USB Mouse Set

The USB nature of the keyboard and the mouse is the main benefit that you get. When you have such primary input devices that can easily be connected and disconnected, you can be sure of working according to your own comfort quotient. This set of input devices will allow you to work while in a reclining position, lying down or any other posture in which you will feel comfortable. You can change your position without worrying about any long wires getting entangled with the cord of the mouse and the keyboard. You can simply unplug the USB cable whenever you need to. In addition to this, you can simply unplug the keyboard and the mouse if you need to carry them anywhere with you. This makes the USB keyboard and the USB mouse set from iBall highly portable. Packing the devices for the journey and then unpacking and connecting the same are easy and convenient. All that convenience can be yours only if you take a few steps and place an online order for the package.

Maintenance and Care Tips for iBall USB Keyboard and USB Mouse Set

The internal technical features of both the USB keyboard and the USB mouse are the same as all other keyboards and mice. Therefore, you should always be careful about taking care of both the input devices. The accidental spilling of any liquid is one of the most common happenings that spoil mice and keyboards. Thus make sure that once you have this combo at your disposal, it is not exposed to water or any liquid. Also, keep it out of reach of young children who do not understand the delicacy of computer peripherals. As far as cleaning is concerned, the best result is offered by a vacuum cleaner that has a nozzle for cleaning computer peripherals. However, if you do not have a vacuum cleaner, you can use a hair dryer to blow away the dust that accumulates between the keys. Make sure that the computer is switched off and that the keyboard and the mouse are not connected with the system while you clean the devices. You can use a thin, soft cloth and moisten it with an electronics cleaning solution for a better result. In order to prevent the accumulation of too much dust inside the keyboard and the mouse, you should keep it covered when it is not in use. If you are careful about all these things, you can be rest assured that this USB keyboard and USB mouse set will last you a long time. So why wait anymore? Shop onlinefor the iBall USB keyboard and USB mouse setat the earliest.

About iBall

iBall is an Indian electronics company that was founded in 2001 and is based in Mumbai. It is involved in importing tablets, smartphones and computer peripherals such as keyboards, mouse, webcams and CPU cabinets. Besides, the electronics company develops bar code scanners, pen-drives, LCD monitors, SMPS, MP3, microphones, headphones and speakers.

Key Highlights

USB 2.0

Sensitive keys

Smooth scroll

Sturdy fibre material

Black in colour

Product Features

  • Bluetooth speaker with mic and voice prompt alerts
  • Use as wired speaker with aux input
  • Built in rechargeable battery
  • Bluetooth Version: V2.1
  • Output Power: 3W RMS
  • Frequency Response: 200Hz to 18kHz
Product Details
Manufacturer IBall
Manufacturer Part Number IAL_USB V2.0
Brand IBall
Model Number USB V2.0
Colour Name Black
Item Package Quantity 1
Warranty 1 Year
Technical Specification
Special Features Bluetooth, Wired
Connectivity Technology Wired
Processor Brand I ball

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Overall Rating 3.3 out of 5 stars
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