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Mono Wireless CCTV Complete Color Camera

Mono Wireless CCTV Complete Color Camera

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Product Description

The era that we live in is a very modern one. Science and technology is on the rise. It has advanced so much that several products are being invented day by day in order to make man's life easy. One of such innovative discoveries is the wireless CCTV Camera. It is widely used in places like homes and offices as well, in fact they are so convenient that they can be placed anywhere. Every other day we hear many instances of crimes like burglary and thefts. With people getting more engrossed in the hustle bustle of their lives, it becomes almost impossible to keep an eye on their priced property all the time. Hence, in such situations, wireless CCTV is a life saver. These are wireless security cameras. CCTV is basically closed circuit television. These devices transmit signals both audio and video to a wireless receiver through a radio band. These type of cameras are very new and have become very popular. The brand Mono has come up with a great product called the Mono Wireless CCTV Complete Color Camera.


Mono is a well known brand dealing with modern electronic goods and accessories. It is a very popular name. It is known for the quality products it offers to the customers. Mono is known to pay utmost importance on the satisfaction of their customers. Ample care is taken to bring to the masses products of ultimate premium quality. The customer service that they provide is excellent.  The brand has marked its name on trust and reliability. Their products are hugely available and you can shop online with great convenience at any time. The Mono wireless CCTV color camera is a very innovative product. It is totally worth buying.


Mono Wireless CCTV Complete Color Camera is a very modern product. It has marked its way through excellence. The whole new concept of wireless security cameras has become very popular. Mono wireless CCTV complete color camera comes with a 3 Lux minimum illumination feature. It has a great feature wherein its Focus can be manually adjusted from 30 mm to infinity. The total weight of the entire product is around 20 grams. The camera can view with a 50 degree horizontal angle. It operates at an operational frequency of 1.2 GHz. However, it uses very less power around 1.2 watt only. This product is supported by a 9 volt single battery. Wireless cameras are preferred by people these days due to their advantage of flexibility. They can be installed anywhere and in any location. Video extension cables are not required. This product is definitely very cost effective, as they can be installed by anyone, hence saving installation cost as well. The product is very affordable and with the ultimate features, it is sure to make the customers smile. You can buy online and try this amazing Mono wireless CCTV colour camera and enhance the security of your home, office or any priced property.


  • BRAND: Mono
  • WARRANTY: Six months
  • Three Lux minimum illumination
  • Manual adjust of Focus
  • Views 50 Degree Horizontal Angle
  • Supports 8V DC or 9 volt single battery
  • WEIGHT: 20 gram


This remarkable product by Mono is a boon to modern security system. It has become a major hit among the customers for their various advantages. It is flexible and can be installed anywhere. The cost efficiency factor is another very good aspect of this product. Many people are opting for it day by day. The product has been manufactured by skilled engineers with great expertise, so the durability is not a factor to be worried about. It will function efficiently and last very long. However, a few things can be kept in mind in order to protect this wireless CCTV . The CCTV comes with a user manual which will make you understand the system better. It is advised to read the manual very carefully. Since the product is an electronic gadget, it is very important that you keep it away from water or basically any form of liquid. Place it in a dry place. Make sure that not any form of liquid gets in touch with It. Install it in a cool place. Do not let it come in contact with any heating element. The product is very user friendly and can be easily used for many years. The quality is good and hence, it is very durable as well. You will never regret with this purchase.

Product Features

  • Camera with 3 Lux minimum illumination
  • It focus manual adjustable from 30 millimeters to infinity
  • It views 50 degree horizontal angle
  • It support 9 volt single battery
  • It weights 20gm
  • 1.2GHz operation frequency and 1.2 watt power consumption
Product Details
Manufacturer Mono
Manufacturer Part Number Mono Wireless CCTV Camera
Brand Mono
Model Number Wireless CCTV color Camera
Item Package Quantity 1
Warranty 6 months warranty

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