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The Wisdom and Teachings of Stephen R. Covey

The Wisdom and Teachings of Stephen R. Covey

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Language English
Binding Hardcover
Publisher Simon & Schuster
Key Features After Dr. Covey's passing in mid-July, there was an outpouring of emotion for the loss of one of the world's great business, leadership, effectiveness, and success thinkers. The people who love to read Dr. Covey's books and were moved by his teachings will want this collection. This book will be an elegantly packaged commemorative edition. About the Book: The Wisdom and Teachings of Stephen R Covey This commemorative collection of the essence of Dr. Covey's teachings on leadership, effectiveness, and management, even family and love, drawn from his bestselling books, will appeal to his millions of fans around the world. Stephen R Covey passed away in July 2012, leaving behind alegacy unmatched in his writings about leadership, time management,effectiveness and success, even love and family. The Wisdom andTeachings of Stephen R Covey is a compilation of his most profound,inspiring teachings and sayings. Among the topics covered in thisbook are time management, success, lead ... See more
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