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Woodland - Men's Belt - BT 1012 - Camel
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Woodland - Men's Belt - BT 1012 - Camel

Brand Woodland
Material LEATHER
Colour Beige
Size NA
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Overview: Woodland - Men's Belt - BT 1012 - Camel

A belt is not just an ordinary accessory that people use to hold their clothes in place. Oh, no. It is an accessory that adds quite a touch of personality to your outfit. After all, it's the little details that make all the difference. That's why you need to choose the right one for what you're wearing-the kind of belt that really complements your personal style. So if you're the rugged outdoorsy kind of man or just the chilled out kind, there's the right kind of accessory for you. A style that is tough, well-stitched and fashionable. You've already got the manly stubble, the laidback attitude and a smile that says you don't have to try too hard with the ladies. Everything in the way you dress is relaxed and casual, And the only thing missing is the right belt to tie the look together. The Woodlands camel coloured men's belt is perfect for you. It is a belt that not only looks like it was made just for you, but will also stay with you for years to come.

About Woodland - Men's Belt - BT 1012 - Camel

Woodland belts are among the most popular accessories for men. This tough, camel coloured belt is great for a variety of looks. It goes with the casual denim look or with the more outdoorsy cargo pants and more. With their elegant designs and subtle colours, these belts can enhance your overall look. Since belts are usually used to hold your pants up around the waist, they need to be sturdy and durable. Woodland belts are made of genuine or artificial leather, which gives a cool, trendy look when worn. You can get belts in various shades to match your every look and occasion. Woodland belts are mostly textured with metallic buckles to accentuate your look further. So once you've accessorised well, you know you've got that super-cool look under your belt.

About the Company

Woodland is one of the leading brands which manufactures outdoor products used in tough conditions. Woodland caters to your exploration needs by offering an enthusiastic range of footwear, accessories and apparel. Designed with high functional value, Woodland products also rank high on the scale of fashion. With its in-house manufacturing units, Woodland creates innovative and authentic products for the adventurer in you. Woodland ensures high quality by testing all of its products. With constant efforts to implement new and improved technological advancements, the company stands out when in it comes to adventure gear.

Woodland is an outdoor wear brand owned and founded by the Aero Group, which began its operations in 1960 s and now has an asset base of over US$1000000. Today, the Aero Group is a highly integrated firm with its own leather tanning units and production facilities in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Macau and Canada.

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Product Details
Manufacturer WOODLAND
Brand Woodland
Model Number BT 1012
Material LEATHER
Colour Beige
Colour Name Camel
Size NA

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