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Woodland Men's Casual Shoe 160106-Olive Green

Woodland Men's Casual Shoe 160106-Olive Green

Brand Woodland
Colour Green
Size 43
Material Rubber
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Overview: Woodland Olive Green Shoes

Footwear is an essential component of fashion. Casual footwear should be chosen with as much care as formal footwear. Woodland presents a fabulous pair of Men's Casual Shoe which will ensure you step out in style every time you go out.

Design and Material

This pair of Woodland Men's Casual Shoe comes in an appealing green colour. The body is made of soft yet durable velvet. Green is a colour found in nature and will go well with other earth colours like brown. The inner part of this pair of Woodland Men's Casual Shoe is coated with premium quality material which takes the shape of your feet. It will leave you feeling snug and as we all know fashion is not fashion unless it is comfortable. This pair of Woodland Men's Casual Shoe comes with green laces which injects soberness as you wears it. These laces are long enough to tie up firm and comfortable knots with as per your will. Since it is made of high quality material, it is resistant to wear and tear. The most fascinating aspect of this Woodland Men's Casual Shoe is the sole. It is black in colour and is made out of hard and durable rubber. This sole allows you to remain comfortable while wearing it. Pasted to the body of the shoe with high quality glue it will not come off easily under adverse conditions. The sole is shaped like an arch with accurate bulges and depressions at the right places; it takes the shape of your pair of feet. The lower surface of the sole which comes in direct contact with the ground surface has grips which help you while walking and provides the perfect level of friction with the ground surface. The perfect amalgamated design of the sole and the grip gives you perfect balance.


This pair of Men's Casual Shoe from the house of Woodland is designed for casual purposes, though you can wear it to the workplace, on a casual Friday perhaps. The design of this pair of shoes allows you to enjoy comfort, balance and support while you indulge yourself in rough and tough outdoor ventures like trekking and rock climbing. This footwear can also be a good fashion accessory as you can pair it up with both formal and casual wear. Now you can shop Woodland Men's Casual Shoe& online from online shopping portals.

Durability and Maintenance

This pair of men's boots is durable to the core and will serve you for a very long time. You can use it for long hours and that too for years and will be surprised at its durability. It will not lose its exquisite style and appearance either. You can buy Woodland Men's Casual Shoe online from the comfort of your home and get the delivery within a matter of a few days. Shop for Woodland Men's Casual Shoe online. This is the ideal accessory a man can own to hallmark and highlight his style statement. What are you still waiting for? Hurry and grab it fast.

Product Details
Manufacturer Woodland
Brand Woodland
Model Number 160106-Olive Green
Colour Name Olive Green
Colour Green
Size 43
Material Rubber

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