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Woodland Outdoor Shoes Khaki WDL0094
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Woodland Outdoor Shoes Khaki WDL0094

Brand Woodland
Colour Green
Size 6
Material Leather
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Overview: Woodland Green Male Shoes

When it comes to shoes, very few have not heard of Woodland. It is an illustrious company that has made a name for itself, right from the early 50's. Its parent company is the Aero Group that is hugely famous for robust and durable footwear of the finest quality. Indeed it is their unwavering commitment to quality that has let them constantly innovate and seek newer designs. If you love being outdoors, you're sure to find a lot in their collection.

These outdoor shoes are built to tackle rough tracks and have a rugged look that is perfect for off-road terrains. They are crafted from high quality raw materials and use handcrafted soles that make them very unique. They offer the best comfort levels for long hours of walking and hiking, which is what makes them the go-to-option for adventurous folk.

Robust and Functional Shoe Design

If you feel overwhelmed by the options available on the racks of shoe stores, you can always go for the safe bet with Woodlands. The company manufactures shoes that are both trendy as well as sturdy, and give you the best of both worlds in extraordinary pairs of footwear. With special features that that are packaged to offer you comfort, they go a long way in preventing the chances of injury.

The rugged look and khaki colour of the 'Woodland Outdoor Shoes Khaki WDL0094' excites users to the hilt; along with their good shock absorption abilities and adequate cushioning effects. With this ideal choice of footwear, you can look forward to spending a lot of time outdoors.

Snug Fit

The best part is that these outdoor Woodland shoes are that they are comfortable and easy-on-the-feet. This typically means that there exists no break-in period for them and they offer you a snug and firm grip right away. The fitting of these shoes on your heels is quite close, thereby ensuring that your heels do not slip when you walk or run. Even though this product boasts of a snug fit, you'll find that you're able to freely wiggle your toes.

Additionally, they go on to encourage the natural roll of your feet when you walk, so that your gait is straightened out and you look smart and savvy while striding. Their stellar sole design is such that it inspires a lot of confidence in you about the abilities of the shoe, letting you put your best foot forward, quite literally.

Fits Several Occasions

It can be quite difficult to have to choose from hundreds of brands when you're looking for strong and sturdy footwear. Even though there are lots of styles and designs available for every activity conceivable; Woodland's outdoor shoes always stand out from the rest. Whether you need shoes for outdoor recreational activities like camping, hunting or fishing, these shoes will serve you well indeed.

Care Instructions

After a stint outdoors, if you find your Woodland shoes covered in grime or dirt; you can remove all the dust by simply using a cloth to dust it off. Gently wipe them with a dry cloth and they should look as good as new.

Product Details
Manufacturer Woodland
Brand Woodland
Colour Green
Target Audience Male
Size 6
Material Leather

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