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WraptorSkinz Electrify Skin for Beats Solo HD Headphones, Blue

WraptorSkinz Electrify Skin for Beats Solo HD Headphones, Blue

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Product Description

With the number of electronic productions on the constant rise and the customer's demands, be it in terms of phones, earphones, laptops and so on, people are always on the search for various options as they wish to revamp the look and features of their devices by applying attractive device skins and covers to add a change to the way their gadgets look. With customers constantly on the lookout for methods to make their devices look more attractive and personalized, brands have started manufacturing accessories such as phone covers and skins for phones, laptops as well as other electronic devices. Mobile phone covers as well as laptop skins have been in high demand with people buying various designs in order to revamp the looks of their devices. Keeping this growing demand of people in mind, brands have introduced a number of designer skins for electronics which are highly in demand in everyone's life. WraptorSkinz - uSkins - Wallth, a very popular brand that is well known for its innovative designs of covers and skins, introduces the Electrify Skin For Beats Solo HD Headphones Blue. Electric blue in colour, this skin is sure to grab your attention and revamp the look of your headphones by several notches. Shop for the WraptorSkinz - uSkins - Wallth Electrify Skin For Beats Solo HD Headphones Blue online today.

Features of the product:

For those who possess the Beats Solo HD pair of headphones and are always carrying them wherever they go and wish to revamp the look of them, then this blue Skin by WraptorSkinz - uSkins - Wallth is definitely worth a buy with its ultra cool and whacky outlook. An electric design, bright blue in colour, this skin is sure to grab your attention and will be responsible for adding vibrancy and style to your HD headphones resulting in them attaining the cool tag as you set out of the house with them. WraptorSkinz - uSkins - Wallth decal style skins are self adhering vinyl skins that help in the prevention of scratches and any sort of damage to the headphones and are designed to be tough and thin so that they can be easily applied without any difficulty and also leading to the formation of air bubbles. It also consists of a dual layer scratch resistant protection that ensures that it would not see any damage with long usage and time. The vinyl material that is used to craft the skin is coated with a high gloss laminate that results in adding a glossy textured finish to your headphones and in turn makes it look more attractive to look at. An added advantage of this skin is that it can be easily applied and will leave no sticky residue even when it is removed. This skin is a blend of bright blue in an electric design that has been blended into a beautiful black background that contrasts the bright blue and helps it stand out vibrantly. It is perfect for the funky dresser and is a must buy for all those who wish to add a dash of vibrancy to their respective headphones.

Application Procedure:

Extreme care must be taken during the application process of the headphone's skin as an improper method of application would lead to the formation of ugly air bubbles which would spoiling the look of the skin. The sticker of the skin should be transferred onto your headphones once you have made sure there are no dust particles on your headphone's surface. Once you have placed it on the desired surface matching the edges, you should then smoothen it outwards from the middle of the body in order to avoid any sort of air bubbles, by using a stiff card and then work your way towards its edges so that you make it look very neat. You should make sure to flatten this skin properly and that it sticks evenly leaving no rough edges that might hamper the look of this product as well as its design. Hence, immense care should be taken during the application process of this skin. This product is reusable and if at any time you think of changing your headphone's skin, you can always remove the present one and then apply a fresh new one with complete ease. This would enable you to reuse your skins whenever you desire, without them getting damaged.

If you wish to revamp the look of your Beats Solo HD Headphones with a funky and bright revamped look, then buy the WraptorSkinz - uSkins - Wallth Electrify Skin For Beats Solo HD Headphones Blue online and step out in style.

Product Features

  • Headphones Not Included.
  • Decal style skin covers headphone band and ear pieces
  • Dual Layer Scratch Protection - Tough vinyl material coated with a high gloss laminate.
  • NO STICKY MESS - Leaves no sticky residue when removed.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Product Details
Manufacturer Matrix Productions, Inc.
Brand WraptorSkinz - uSkins - Wallth
Model Number 13288BeatsSoloHDWSKZ
Item Package Quantity 1
Technical Specification
Connectivity Technology Wired USB
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 22.9 cm x 7.6 cm x 0.1 cm

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