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Wudplay Wudplay Cradle CD-001 Sapeli
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Wudplay Wudplay Cradle CD-001 Sapeli

Brand Wudplay
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Overview: Wudplay Wudplay Cradle Cd-001 Sapeli

A cradle is absolutely essential for you to give your baby the best place to sleep. He or she would be able to enjoy the gentle rocking motion and would be lulled to sleep. Moreover, it is convenient for mothers to use, since you can move it around from one room to another if required. The Wudplay Cradle CD-001 Sapeli is one such product that you would love to have for your little one. It is beautiful to look at and comes in a heavy build. Moreover, it includes mattresses and other accessories, which makes it just right for your baby. Now you also have the option to buy this baby cradle online. However, it would be a good idea to compare prices of Wudplay products at the Junglee website before putting in your money. Doing so could actually help you save a bit.

Teakwood makes the cradle heavy and stable

This cradle is made of teakwood, which makes it quite heavy and stable. So you need not worry about it toppling over easily. Moreover, the teakwood finish gives it a sleek and sophisticated look and it is a delight to have indoor.

Soft mattress is gentle enough for your baby

Your baby's skin is very delicate and it requires adequate care, even when he is sleeping or simply lying on his back. The Wudplay Cradle comes with a soft mattress, which is just right for your baby. It has a cotton cover, which is gentle enough for your little one and does not cause him or her any discomfort.

Side rails provide adequate protection

If you are worried about your baby rolling over and falling down, then it should not be a worry with this cradle. This is because it includes sturdy side rails,which provide adequate protection to your child. It ensures your baby's safety, while he or she sleeps.

Product Details
Brand Wudplay
Target Audience Unisex

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